MY REWIND of 2010

They say happiness is a byproduct of what we share with others and this I share with you ~ "Life can be frustrating and challenging and painful, difficult and unfair. Even so, life is always good because you can always make it better, and in so doing you make it great. You can choose, right now and in every moment, to put your powerful and effective abilities to purposeful use. There is always something you can do, no matter what the situation may be, that will move your life forward. You can explore, you can invent, you can question, you can taste, you can give, you can observe and you can build. You can commit your whole life to what you value and quickly move away from what you don't." ~ Ralph Marston

Ralph Marston's words were a major driving force of inspiration and motivation me for 2010. Because of his thought provoking and motivational words of wisdom, I not only feel I survived 2010, I also feel like my style and abilities developed. Here's a rewind of my year of transition for 2010...

After working retail for 25 years of my life, this past year (2010) ~ thanks to the love & support of friends ~ I really tapped into my design style and evolution. Through attending webinars, I've learned about the importance of Social Networking, acquired so many NEW friends and connections, and even reconnected with a few lost souls from the past!  I also (still am) learning to blog, and create a more focused online presence.  It too has been a true evolution in progress. It just goes to show, "leap and the net will appear". If I hadn't had my separation (layoff) from my previous employer (of 16 years) I would not have never tapped into so many hidden resources (including myself) ... I cannot THANK YOU enough for your patience, kindness, and inspirational encouragement. It has meant the WORLD to me and really helped see me through this past year.

As we head into a NEW year and decade, Ralph Marston's words of wisdom are still a strength of inspiration:

You Have The Strength

You have the strength to choose your thoughts. You have the strength to choose your actions, your attitude, and your feelings in any given moment.

You have the strength to decide what to focus the energy of your life upon. You can be strong in any way you choose to be strong.

Life will often come at you fast and furious and in an unrelenting way. Yet as intense as it may become, it never has to overwhelm you.

For you can choose to be as strong as you must be. You can think strong and positive thoughts, and follow through with strong, decisive actions.

You can reach inside and feel the ever-growing strength that comes from the truth of who you are. You can connect that strength to everything you do.

You have the strength because you have the choice to live in accordance with your deepest, most treasured values. Choose to be strong, and bring those values more fully to life with every experience.

God bless you in all you do for 2011 and beyond...
Ok ~ enough with the sap... Time to CELEBRATE!!!

Happy NEW Year!!!


  1. Wow, you have been one really, really busy lady this last year and accomplished and grown so much. Your posts show your positive and uplifting attitude. I hope you have a very Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing all you creat in 2011. Hugs, Marty

  2. Lynda....You have accomplished an abundant amount of beauty! Kudos...It was a productive and bountiful year for you!

    May Twenty~eleven grace you with even more!!

  3. Ooh so much chic and fun projects! I hope this new year brings many more!

    Be sure to enter my CSN stores giveaway:

    Happy New Year!! :)

  4. What an amazing year you have had! Your accomplishments are I am sure a testiment to your determination, exceptional organizational skills, and self disipline. Talent, style, and pizazz go without saying! You truly inspire me and I look forward to your coming projects in 2011! ssmarie

  5. I'm following now and can't wait to see what you do in 2011 !

  6. Hi, I just came across your blog by browsing some tabletop styling photos on flickr - have to say your work is really impressive! Love the warmth and elegance you bring to the decor of any room! Will follow you in 2011 for sure!!



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