This is the fourth time beautiful bloggers have graced me with this award, three of which have been long overdue for a huge THANK YOU!!! I am truly honored and greatly appreciate that people actually enjoy reading my blog posts out there in blogland!

Most recently, my Jersey-girl-blogger-friend named Melanie from LUCKY 7 DESIGNS tagged me for the Stylish Blogger Award. I was very honored and have been slow in responding as the deal is to tell 7 Things About Myself... Making this list reminded me of the Facebook "30 Things" list I made about a year ago you can also read HERE and it's not as serious as this (lol).

1. When asked what I have for breakfast, my response was : "Two coffees and a Coke."
2. I'm probably the only Cuban living in Miami who does NOT speak Spanish.
3. The three things in life I fear: Break Lights, becoming homeless, and a shark attack.
4. I love dressing up & my fave thing to wear is a simple black dress with a strand of pearls.

5. My nickname at my old job was "BBQ" - Ball-Buster-Quintero.
6. I have a more corporate mind-set when it comes to work ethic: I don't like to wait or waste time, I believe in thinking things through to try to be as efficient as possible, I don't like doing things twice, and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.
7. The older I get, the less patience I have ;-)


I've had every intention of fulfilling the requirements of accepting this award the previous times (and giving those long overdue THANK YOUS!!) but it seemed like something always came up - starting a new gig, new projects to try, spending time with hubs & mom - and then a week or so would pass and I time just slipped away. I'm off today, hubs is at work, visited mom yesterday and house is cleaned up... so before taking on another project, I'm definitely taking the time to make it happen and get it done today!

Although challenging to choose, here are
The 10 blogs I select to pass along this award:  

Special thanks to Artie at COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES, Courtney at LIVING LIFE OUT LOUD, Debbie at A MIND ON DESIGN and special thanks again to Jerzee-Girl Melanie at LUCKY 7 DESIGNS for selecting me this last time!

Many Thanks!!

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