Whether you pronounce it "Sherbert" or "Sherbet", these roses were a refreshing splash of color added to one of the most recent ColorSplash Miami makeovers. Although I can't show you the entire space (you'll have to wait until the show air's sometime in June!!) I will share with you the simple nosegay arrangements I was delighted to make for the space.

Patricia and Gina once again made excellent selections in accessories and David created another fabulous painting to tie together the colors & mood of the space.

My traveling scissors ;-)

Nosegay arrangements are a simple, modern and clean look for flower arrangements. To make some yourself, you can use roses or carnations can work too. Simply remove all the leafy greens from your flowers, for roses - also remove one or two guard petals. Afterwards start to place the stems in your hand - creating a solid ball of color with the flowers. Looking down onto your arrangement, you can adjust the shape by carefully pulling out center flowers to create a little height and taper down to create the 'ball' - but still keep your blooms tightly together. Cut off the excess length of the stems, to make it easier to loop a small clear hair-tie (or reuse the rubber band from the flowers).  Pull the band up close to the blooms to keep your ball of color tight and strong.

Holding your arrangement at the edge of the counter along with your vessel, you'll be able to judge how much more stem needs to be cut. Cut stems at a 45 degree angle, place in your container of choice, add to your end table or vignette and enJOY!

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  1. Love that color! I also like the details that we are able to see in the pictures
    Especially the pillows!



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