Storage Solution: Budget Closet Organizing

Hey all!! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did because I was doing something I LOVE to do  - ORGANIZING!! As part of the bedroom makeover I'm doing for a homeowner, it also involved some storage solutions and updates. But since so much of the budget went to the room (and bathroom) itself, not much could be spent on updating the closet (at this time). But a fresh coat of paint, a new light fixture, and new carpet installed in the walk in (when the bedroom carpet got done Friday) helped do wonders! The ultimate goal for the closet is to look pretty, be functional and look something similar to this roomboard I did...

I shared this with the homeowner, along with a few options. I sourced some of these storage accessories online and in discount home stores nearby - and oh what a difference in pricing and quality.

Since no construction is going on here, but extra shelves were needed, I sourced a few hanging shelf options. Sure - Ikea had a great affordable price at only $6 - but you get what you pay for: cheap plastic. I was looking for more durable canvas options... and they can cost ya!

A 6 shelf canvas unit from CANOPY sells on Amazon for $29.99 - but the same one - in a Walmart store (no shipping) costs less than half. I picked up two tan canvas units with chocolate piping and bamboo shelves for only $14 ea. plus a thinner shoe organizer for anther $14. I also picked up a double hang rod extension - but I'm returning it because she doesn't really need it at this time.

There are also other variables to consider - like how many shelves would be needed: 10? 8? 6? So Saturday, I unhung items and folded. Some went into the closet, while others (like sweatshirts & sweatpants) went into the bottom drawer of the dresser. When I folded the sweaters (some of which were hanging) I took note of the stacks and quantities - A six shelf unit would work fine for sweaters.

Hangers to be updated at a later date...
And I think maybe even a little fun wardrobe update shopping is in order too ;-)

Covered canvas tote from Canopy only $7 at Walmart.

Closed storage for handbags will help keep dust off them...
Although open storage is handy to better see what you have - especially if you change your bag often.

Two covered bins for now would work great to protect handbags now shifting to the top shelf, and one hanging shoe shelf unit would be great for easy access to everyday shoes.

Mobil laundry sorting only $25

To help with laundry, I also planned a three tote laundry bin for sorting. It will work great under the section of wall shelves, which eventually can get a shelf shroud - similar to what I did in my pantry - but painted in chocolate. This area works great to bring over linens from a hallway closet that is next to the kitchen, and also makes for a better adjacency to the bathroom.

The closet was being used as a place to hold items for the bedroom makeover.
Lower shelf is getting raised, and the laundry bin will tuck under it.

Shelf shrouds & additional baskets to be added at a later date.

Some nice storage baskets - to be added at a later...

Along with linens and laundry, I also brought over her ironing board and tucked it into the corner - where she once had a boxed Christmas tree. Other storage boxes - like bills, statements, taxes, keepsakes - were removed from the closet to keep it personal and only wardrobe related. By removing these excess non-personal, non-bedroom items, this will help create a more restful environment for her to get a GOOD nights sleep in.

But after painting and new carpet installed.

But after painting and new carpet installed.

AFTER - In Progress

This one closet mini makeover came to only $100 for the laundry bin, storage accessories and light fixture. She already had her extra shoes in clear totes stacked three high and in the corner. I re-stacked them only two high for easier access to them. Colorizing her tops helped give the closet the look of an update too.

Great lower shelf storage can be added later - under hanging if needed.
Sophisticated velvet hangers are a great update to pretty-up a closet with.
Based on a count of what this homeowner would need, she could start with 60 or go for the box of 100.

Various styles work great for your needs - but shop around on line for best pricing.
A brand at Target and Walmart sells less at a site called
And you "might" luck out and find hangers less at HomeGoods - but not the quantity you need in the color you want. Then you'd waste gas driving around from store to store to gather them up. Since she likes to wear boat-neck style tops, I suggested we invest in some new velvet skinny hangers. One option is to go with pink - another option is to go with chocolate. Either one will work well for a cohesive look from her updated bedroom.

For here jewelry, we sorted the pieces to what she will be keeping. Since she has a collection of vintage tea cups and sentimental dishes tucked away in her buffet, I suggested we use some for her jewelry organization. Low cups, saucers and even some bowls worked great in the console to help create a dressing table.

I added the discarded jewelry to the HUGE donation pile created from organizing three closets, her bathroom, and a wall unit. I loaded everything to be donated into my car to haul away and be donated. It was like a huge weight lifted off her back to get the house back in order. Today, I'm inventorying the pieces and I'll take them to Goodwill.

Since the weather was not being cooperative this weekend - something like 104 when the sun was out - and then those afternoon rains which we so desperately need - prevented me from working outside. But I still managed to utilize the time and get a lot accomplished inside.  

I was also able to sand down the two thrifted chairs for the bedroom, I was attacked by a swarm of gnats while painting and had to stop (yes-they stuck to the paint and pissed me off!!) Now I need to do some touch-up resanding to get rid of them. Jose will be helping me reupholster them this week - so stay tuned!!



  1. The tea cup jewelry organizer in the dresser is genius and so pretty! Bummer about the gnats.

  2. Lynda, this is looking great. I was just talking about purging my closet for a third go around. I have too much stuff. I do this for clients, but doing it for ME is harder, as always. You have given your client such a gift and sourcing more economical options was also a wonderful gift, Great JOB!!! Kathysue

  3. So glad you commented on my blog because now I can enjoy yours! Can't wait to read more . . .

  4. I love the teacups in the drawer. So unexpected.

  5. Wow, the closet makeover is unreal. Such great use of the space and you now have so much storage. Love the jewelry idea also, that is just so creative and pretty too. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love the tea cup jewelry organizing system! And I so feel your pain on those gnats. Just spray painted 3 bar stools and had to pick off bugs and redo as well. Gah!

  7. This inspired me to get organized, now I just need to find the time. I love what you did with the pretty cups and saucers. I'd be tempted to keep the drawers open just to look at all the pretty things.

  8. Just a quick note to say that I've featured this today at Recognition Day Thursday. As always, Lynda, thanks for linking up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  9. I so love the teacup organizer idea!! I would love to share it with a link back to you on my blog if that would be ok with you-

    So wish my closet looked like yours!

    bee blessed

  10. ΟΚ... now I'm really jealous! It seems I've so much to learn from you, I think I better follow you!!!

  11. Thanks for this. I really like what you've posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog and thanks for sharing. budget storage manly west



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