As I mentioned yesterday, over the years, my personal style has changed. And so to has the look of our home. Through out all the changes, I've managed to merge old thrifted pieces with a few new ones. Accessories and textiles in textures and prints has also been key to the (many) updates.  I think because I like and use similar lines in my finds, but various scale and proportions, I'm able to mix & remix my pieces for fresh looks. Here are the details of the downstairs living space and some of the dining area restyled for Summer...


No picture hanging behind the sofa right now because I currently have a panel of gold chains layered over the cream panels. This subtle gold accent relates to the $15 faux bamboo painted gold coffee table, and an OLD mirror I also painted gold mirror I have hanging over the wall unit to the right. I'd like to paint the mirror frame to the left (in the space) gold as well, to help give balance to the room and change it up a bit.

Mixing collectibles:
I love collecting starfish or shells from our trips, but sometimes I mix in similar store bought pieces to create a bigger impact. The top starfish I had gotten for $5 in the Bahamas, back when my DH & I were dating (2003), The skinny starfish are from ZGallerie (3 yrs ago), I used them last year all in one black basket as a centerpiece on the dining room table, but this year I used them in my white painted vases & painted beachy wine bottles.

Some starfish I used in my relocated Tiffany bowl. The bowl was a gift from our Realtor when we had bought this place in 2006. The blue beach glass stones are from Ikea (3 years ago). I like the way they picked up on the two colored books I brought down from the office. Jeff LOVES to fish, so the painted white wood carved fish is a nod to his hobby (from HomeGoods 2007) The Grapewood branch I picked up at HomeGoods during "Buy Made In America Week" earlier this year. It's from California and I like the organic addition to the coffee table-scape. The white ceramic pillar holders I had gotten on clearance at JCP back in '08. Someone had returned them so I scooped the up at a steal for only $2 & $3 (I LOVE a bargain!)

The medallion print lumbar pillow is a new addition I picked up at Target last month. It works well with the two $3 blue burlap-like pillow covers I had gotten two years ago at Crate&Barrel. I need to update this pic because I switched one of the pillows for a navy & white pillow to add more pattern to the white sofa for summer.

Splitting the back sofa euro pillows allowed me to add a band of green from nothing more than a green linen table runner. So although solids are mixed with patterns, the solids are textured which also adds to the layered look.

Quick peek at the dining space buffet with the summer vignette (and mixed in beachy bottles in turquoise). I love the way the $1 thrifted lamp makeover I did last year works with adding pattern here, but still relates to the pattern in the living room.

The Spring apple green accent wall in the dining space has since been updated too (you can see reflection in mirror). I simply washed over it with watery white and turquoise paint... but that's another post ;-) The silver round mirror was another thrift find last year. I had previously used it as a tray (for New Years). Since the chain mirror was damaged, I simple hooked the thrifted mirror to it (until I really fix it) but hey, for now - it works, and all it took was a paper clip (opened like an "S" to make the hook).

I LOVE turquoise jewelry in the Summer... so rather than keep it all hidden in the jewelry chest, I took a few faves out to use in my Summer vignette. Simple bracelets are on the beachy bottles, while a thrifted wooden bowl holds a necklace and turquoise stone.

The white thrifted pedestal bowl (found last fall) was holding green apples and then Easter eggs for Spring... now it's holding the green & white sea urchins I got in Key Largo from my day trip with Becky, earlier this year. The rolled up blue pashmina relates back to the blue pillows over on the sofa. Simple sea breeze scented Glades candles also add to the Summer mood of the space.

The table I've used behind the sofa is a little iron & wood table (from Target) I use to have in my apartment. Occasionally, to also change its look, I'll use an over-the-door mirror on top of it. Here it helped give more surface to work with. I was able to relocate a pair of lamps off the side tables, and use them behind the sofa. I tend to buy things in pairs, which gives balance to a space - but if overdone, it can make a space look too formal. Here it's more casual because of the pillow mix on the sofa.

I love the merge old pieces like my white sofa (from 1998) with newer additions I find in my travels (like simple pillow covers from Crate & Barrel on clearance for $3) and thrift, like the $15 faux bamboo coffee table with a pair of modern end tables I picked up at the Salvation Army a few years back.

Ikea bamboo platters hung in a series of three gave a little rhythm and natural texture
to the mix in the corner. The rug is Thomas O'Brien - at - I had gotten for a bedroom makeover I did last year, but we switched it for a larger and more graphic pattern rug. This is 4x6 and was on sale for $30, so for me that was a keeper. It's soft, great size for the space and on trend pattern helped update the look of the space. The brown leather chair is Jeff's beloved recliner - I'm DYING to take sandpaper to and distress it. Fortunately, Sephora, our cat, is already distressing it in her own way =)

And after all the furniture refinishing I've been doing the past two weekends, I'm contemplating refinishing my fave (and first) thrift buffet. This solid wood buffet, on casters, with a slate slab top was only $30. I've had this for over ten years, and it's been black (after finding it in a two-toned green). I don't know if I should go graphic and two-toned (white & black) or give it a distressed grey & white wash. Doing this would help lighten this end of the room.

This is the mirror I want to paint gold. It used to be attached to an old dresser we had at the condo, but we donated (the dresser) after not using here. It's a heavy beast, leaning on the wall. I built the gallery wall around it starting back at Holiday '09 (with only mirrors) and added my B&W photos to it in January 2010.

 It's funny, with all the changes I do, this part of the space hasn't changed much - usually I just change up the lamps and vignette on the buffet. The weathered branch I recently found while walking on Hollywood beach. I like the way it adds another organic texture to my beachy bottles.

I added a few more starfish over here to the vignette with the beachy bottles.
I used my shell necklaces tied on their necks. The chrome lamps with green shades were from HomeGoods - at only $29 - for their scale and fab shade (I'd like to add ribbon to) they were a great value.

I snapped a few pics this morning showing the additional patterned pillows I added...

This little lovely lamp was another thrift find - a steal at only $5 - I had spotted it out of the corner of my eye... when I wasn't even looking for it. And that the thing about thrifting - being aware of your surroundings because you NEVER know what you're going to find...

These Milo Baughman chairs are a perfect example of "being aware of your surroundings when thrifting"... I scored these while I was actually out looking for end tables for the bedroom makeover. When I asked how much - the guy said $10 each. I said great! While we walked to the desk to write them up, I took a chance and asked if he could do any better - he said, "ok both for $16"... They need a little TLC, but in the meantime, I flanked the wall unit with them, and added a few more pillows (Lord knows I have a TON of!! lol)

Again, the strong neutral base colors of the walls, floor and furniture is
what has allowed for so many changes...

Adding two rattan placematts on the sofa end tables helped give texture to this tablescape. I carry scissors in my car (on the door) so I can get fresh cut greens for our neighborhood at anytime...

All this experimenting I do in my own home helps me help you.
Contact me at and let's see what we can
come up with to help you restyle your space for the way you live now...

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  1. Lynda you have been one busy busy lady!! I like the way you walked us through all of your changes. I also think your idea to paint the buffet is a good choice. You have so much creative energy, I love that!! I like the idea of a lighter color on the buffet to balance the sofa in the room. Happy Thursday,Kathysue

  2. I love it! It looks like such a calm and soothing space, I can't wait to see the dining room wall re-do. I would do the buffet in a gray/white... just my opinion. And where do you find "beachy bottles"?

  3. Your home is gorgeous and it's very interesting to see how you mix and match things and change them up. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  4. So beautiful. I love your new pictures at the top of your blog to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Lynda, Great job. I love the new pillows and the addition of color. Everything looks so clean and fresh and perfectly edited. Your home is your laboratory and it is really beautiful. Mona

  6. wow.. we CANNOT find bargains, like those gorgeous chairs, anywhere around here!! such a lucky girl!

  7. Wow, your spaces are awesome. Your photos are professional quality and look like they came out of Veranda......My style has changed some too, I think we all do over the span of our lives......Thanks for sharing, I'm visiting from MM.

    The French Hutch

  8. Hi-
    First time here. You have great style. Love the way you mix bold colors with white. Looks wonderful. Found you through Between Naps on the Porch.
    My best- Diane

  9. I love everything you've done. You have been a big inspiration to me to change my home with the seasons. Am enjoying it much more and look forward to seeing all the new things that you do. Thank you for inspiring us to see the potential in our homes, and creating it in a thrifty way!



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