Bargain Fabric Hunting & Bedroom Progress

Yesterday, I ventured out to pick up some fabric for a headboard I'll be making this weekend (with the help of a friend - Jose). Unfortunately, my "go to" local place was closed (family owned and on summer break this week). But just as I was pulling out to head to another stop on my list, my friend Jose called. He has his fave local spot for fabric, so we agreed to meet there and take a look around...

Arnold's Fabrics N Trim Inc.
12918 NW 7th Ave
North Miami, FL 33168
305. 685. 2666

Gorgeous green velvet - perfect for panels or pillows 
for the holidays and only $4 yd.

Now because it's a discount place, they may not always stock the "on trend" fabrics of the moment like: Ikat, Greek key, Trellis, Suzanni, or Medallion prints - but you can still stock up on some beautiful basics. Like with thrifting, his inventory is rarely ever the same - hence the deep discounts. And oh what incredible savings in comparison than shopping at - oh let's say Jo Ann's.

$2 yd

Simple graphic knits: $2 yd.

Foam for headboard: $8 yd.
(BEATS JO ANN's at $30.99 yd!!)
The price is high because it's made from Petroleum - or else it would be lower.

Batting at $4 yd
(again - beats Jo Ann's at $6 yd)

Great woven - could be used for upholstery at $2 yd.

I not only scored the fabric but I also scored the basic materials I need for the headboard: batting and foam. I found a beautiful chocolate brown velvet with cut stripes - which is going to work in the space like a charm - and really make the white, rose and chocolate bedding pop. Some other fabrics I saw (and like thrifting - too good to pass up!) were a gorgeous two-toned taffeta in milk & chocolate, an open weave that has fabulous draping, and a chocolate & white zebra print, at only $1, that can make some fun napkin for a late summer or early fall tablescape.

Zebra print - $1 - Great for fun napkins

Fabulous drape to this greige open weave and only $4
Will make fantastic window panels for a dining space (wink-wink-smile)

Two-toned taffeta at $3 yd...
Perfect for panels for the holidays ;-)

Some more fun patterns spotted in the $1 pile... could make a nice pillow.

And oh yeah - BURLAP - at only $2 yd.

The headboard I'm making - with Jose's help - is going to add another custom quality to the space. Some other custimzations I'm having done is adding black-out liner and ribbon banding to store bought window panels, adding a off-white ribbon banding to the box-pleat bed skirt, plus all the furniture I've thrifted and refinished can also be considered custom. Here's a sneak peek at the dresser I worked on last weekend...

And can I tell you how HOT it was in South Florida last Saturday???

The new carpet for the space will be arriving this week, and hopefully installed by next weekend - then the FUN putting it all together and styling will begin! Jose has been a great help getting other details done in the space while I've been refinishing furniture and shopping for deals!

BHG Leaning mirrors, only $44 at Walmart.
I had them mounted to the walls
(two - one on either side of the refinished dresser)

Jose brought along his showroom of pillows and throws he's made.
Homeowner said no to the animal print (oh well - it's not for everyone) but does like the cut velvet chocolate pillows! They'll work PERFECT on the bed to add texture and relate to the headboard.

Cut velvet at only $32 for 4 yds for the headboard we'll make tomorrow.

And he's help get the electrical devices like lights and ceiling fans switched-out and installed.

This fan is SO old... it weighed a TON.
I was under it to hold it while he disconnected it - but - when he unattached it from a hook anchored to a rafter in the ceiling - I honestly nearly fell over. Damn thing made me lose my balance - but Jose caught it...
And that's what friends are for...

We're like sister & brother

We've been helping each-other out with our new endeavours, and seriously considering partnering up together. Store rentals are ridiculously priced right now... but maybe we could find a space within a shop to sell home furnishings and decorative textiles... We talked about it over dinner last night, so we'll see!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooh. I'm on a hunt for fabric to cover my dining chairs. Do you think you can give me the name of the fabric store. It will be worth the drive for me. Thanks.

  2. Silly me - I'm adding it to the post now... Sorry! Hope you too canb find some deals =)

    xo Lynda

  3. OK, you're one of the few gals I have seen that manges to look like a total hottie when re-doing their furniture! I love the dresser and am glad you found another fabric store. :)

  4. I want a new headboard desperately! I so wish that fabric store was nearby. Can't wait to see what you and Jose create! I agree re: your looking like a total hottie while doing manual labor ~ not me. :-) It's been so hot & humid here...not fun to be outside so I want to accomplish things inside while I have to be confined, so to speak.

    Oh yes, what color have you used in your bedroom? Looks very pretty and the piece you redid looks gorgeous. Will be anxiously awaiting more updates!

    Have a blessed Sunday ~

  5. *** "Lynda, Lynda, Lynda!"... What ARE we going to do with you??? I mean, really! It's 11:30 P.M. here in AZ & I woke up & can't go back to sleep... SOOOOOO, I decide to "catch up" on some of my fave blogs...

    Sooooo, ANYhooooo, I came HERE, enjoyed the read and pics as always, and got TOTALLLLLY INSPIRED, again, "as always"!! Now I'm thinking of a few things I'd forgotten that I'd wanted to do... guess that "to do/try" list is TOOOO LONG... ( N' getting BACK to sleep is NOT as exciting as thinking about some things I want to do here in the house!!!).

    Seriously tho, thanks for wonderful, informative blog, that I KNOW must that EONS of time~~~ please know it IS appreciated, my friend!!! And I SO ADMIRE your INCREDIBLE TALENT & DISCERNING EYE!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Linda in AZ * (You know, "Mom of a German Shorthair!... Now there are TWO of these sweeties!)

  6. Great fabric find! You are so fortunate to have a discount fabric store in your area. We only have JoAnns. I find myself using the 40% and 50% off coupons as much as possible. Looking forward to the room reveal.

  7. HI Lynda, I am so sorry I have been MIA for awhile, crazy busy around here. Firsty of all I love your new header! The colors are gorgeous! This looks like a great job, that dresser is wonderful! Can't wait to see it all finished! We will be in Fl. in 2 weeks to get my FIL's house ready to sell, power washing, painting, installing a shower and micro, etc., etc. So, I am hoping it isn't crazy hot while we are there. You are such a wonderful inspiration to all of your readers. XO, Pinky

  8. GIRL!
    You so need to go into business! Your eye and Jose's skills are a double threat! Heck, I will be your West Coast coordinator :) Live the dream and reach for the stars babes!



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