Mixing Old & New: The Anatomy Of My Budget Style

Over the years, my personal style has changed. And so to has the look of our home. Through out all the changes, I've managed to merge old pieces (like my white sofa from 1998) with new (simple pillow covers from Crate & Barrel) and thrift, like this years $15 faux bamboo coffee table with a pair of modern end tables I picked up at the Salvation Army a few years back. Here's a peek at the anatomy of part of my current living room for Summer...

It's definitely been a labor of love, but it also shows that you don't need to run out to RoomsToGo and buy a whole room, nor do you need expensive custom pieces for your space to stylishly represent your lifestyle today. If you build your space on a strong foundation - neutral colors and quality furniture - your space can adapt through your changing lifestyle or your latest color obsession... lol

From A Simple Shift To Shopping Thrift

I'll post more about the changes, but right now I'm headed out to source some fabric and materials to build a padded head board this weekend - for the bedroom makeover I'm doing.

Have a great day!


  1. Really really well done Lynda. Looks fab.

  2. Lynda I love the pops of bright green with the white so fresh for summer. I used a green and white striped rug in my family room for summer and i love what it does for my room. I did a post on it and I got it for a steal on Wisteria clearance for $269 for an$899 rug. Like your post reflects it is good to be a savvy shopper, Kathysue

  3. Its a really beautiful space, love the fun pops of green & blue, its a very fresh look. I think the best rooms are the ones that have been put together over time. I love things to be ecclectic mixing old with new & different style tastes from around the world. A home has to be personal dont you think

  4. Love your style and your colors. I so agree about keeping the bones neutral. Then you can change things really easy. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wow, I love this! I always feel like it's an expense to redecorate a room seasonally. I would love to know how much you budget for when you redecorate (pillows, drapes, rugs, accessories, etc..). Love your style!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!! That room is PERFECTION! Love your colors!

  7. THANK YOU!!! I don't really ever set a budget when I redo my spaces. I try to reuse what I have... and whenever I'm out & about, if I see something - sale, clearance, or thrift - I think of ways I could use & reuse it in space.

    After working retail for 25 yrs - trust me - I NEVER buy anything unless it's dirt cheap - b/c the mark-ups are ri-frickin-diculous!! But that's not to say if I had the budget of a Million Dollar Decorator, I wouldn't spend it!! I just know my limitations (at the moment) and make the most of what I can with what I have... and hopefully share a few tips along the way to help ppl too =)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    xo Lynda

  8. I still think that Jeff comes home and before walking in the door wonders..........hmmmm, wonder what will be changed today? Of course, he truly lucks out that you are so talented and creative with impeccable style!!



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