Before setting out to thrift for pieces I needed for the bedroom makeover, I also considered some furniture finds at my local HomeGoods store. Although they would be out of my budget for all the furniture pieces I needed, I still wanted to see what they had, maybe be inspired and splurge on a few finishing details for the space. And inspired I was! They had several white washed and painted white finishes on display, so I shot a few pics, and emailed them to the homeowner to ask her what styles & finishes she preferred. Knowing this helped me to select the right thrifted pieces to complete the bedroom makeover. She likes a little bit of distress, but wouldn't want it over done on all pieces. Here's some of the inspirations I spotted at HomeGoods...

Nice scale, but pure white was too white.

Ecru is nice, and client liked the rough edges.

She also liked the contrast of the bronze handles and a little distress.

She was ok with this distress also... plus

She really liked the two tone look (which is what I was hoping she'd like!!)

This look was pretty too, but not for every piece.

Although not the same turned leg style or cup pull hardware, the console table I did find & refinish is very similar to the one above - it's just enough distress for one special piece in the space.

This look was nice, but too much to work with the more tailored style she likes.

This mirror at HomeGoods was a great statement piece, but way too much texture for my clients taste...

As were these.
(I think they may have belonged to Jack Sparrow.)

Taking these pictures and using them to communicate with the homeowner was a huge help. She loves the updates and new finishes I gave to the pieces I picked up from thrift. 

So much so that after living with dark furniture in her bedroom for over forty years, she doesn't want it any anymore.

Here's some of how applied the HomeGoods inspirational furniture pieces & finishes to my thrift finds...

Simple Side Tables
Two toned with Heirloom White base, Jacobean stained top and painted oil rubbed bronze hardware...



And the console table I found at Faith farm thrift in Ft. Lauderdale...



More distress with sanding and minor painted layers on drawers, plus
changed hardware to pretty crystal knobs + pretty pink drawer liners I picked up at HomeGoods...

Since she loves her shells (and this conch), I used pink drawer liner paper inside.

Not all pieces were thrifted - I had her donate one of the heavy dressers she had - but applied the inspirational finishes from HomeGoods to an existing piece we did keep...



Distressed just the edges just a bit - outside and inside.
She's had this piece for over forty years - so this was a huge change for her
to see it painted heirloom white. Reused existing hardware, but also sprayed the hardware oil rubbed bronze.

Post Update:
Shared on the HomeGoods Happy By Design board on Pinterest.

More about the refinishing process next week... but today - the carpet arrives! Yippy!

I don't know who's looking more forward to seeing the room together - the homeowner or me. After all the "goodies" come out of the closet,
 the next project will be re-organizing her closet.

Happy Friday!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. *** Hi, Lynda~

    Me thinketh your client is going to be ONE... HAPPY... CAMPER when this is all done!!! You always have, and so generously SHARE, such great ideas, and ALWAYS such super style~~~ "Looking goooood" here, GF!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. Some beautiful inspirational pieces. Love what you did with the makeovers they look fantastic

  3. Good Morning Lynda, The furniture you made over looks more beautiful then what Home Goods is selling. Very inspiring post! I wish this was going to be my bedroom!

  4. I especially like the side tables. Awesome awesome job!

  5. Beautiful! I'm with your client re: too much distressing & the mirrors shown. The pieces are so much nicer than in a store ~ great job!! Wish a couple of them were mine...




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