How To Create a Christmas Centerpiece With Conifers & Pinecones

Last year, I had shared Ideas For Decorating With Pinecones, and being a little more traditional at heart for the holidays, I too used them again in our new place this year. Using pinecones is a really wonderful way to add nature & texture to your home for the holidays. I especially like the contrast of the pinecones mixed with the shine of mercury glass or mixed with galvanized metal. This year to relate to our new location and add a little rustic touch, I did just that: I reused two galvanized rectangular containers, two thrifted pails I recently found and a large basket to pile my pinecones in...

This years basket of pinecones mixed with silver bells and a 
keepsake star sits on our coffee table...

My grandfather made the star when he worked at a steel mill in NJ.
This was the tree topper my parents used traditionally every year and I grew up with...

To mix in some rustic charm, I used my galvanized containers, just filled with pinecones and some Christmas balls added for shine...

I also reused some twine I had saved from some flower arrangements...

A few years ago, I had used the same containers, but mixed with fresh cut greens...

This year, I really like the simplicity of the pairing of nature texture and shine.
I recently scored these two shiny pails, and just filled them with pinecones...

They helped make this years Christmas vignette on the red painted thrifted buffet (previously in our FL living room), I now have upstairs in the loft.
To make the galvanized container filled with pinescones is simple & quick. 
Here is what I used:

2 Rectangular Galvanized containers ($5 ea. at BigLots 6 yrs. ago)
Packing paper (or newspaper) as filler
Silver pinecones as filler
Various sized pinecones
Various sized Christmas balls (or bells) for shine
2 Glass containers
Small pheasant feather clusters for height

I used feathers (I plucked from last years Thanksgiving centerpiece), but you could also use a glass cylinder to hold a pillar candle .

Since we just moved, I put some of the packing paper to good use, 
but you can also use newspaper.

Since I was near the end of my pinecones to use, I separated what I had to use for two container displays.

Measuring cups are a great way to sprinkle buffalo snow onto your display.

You can further decorate the outside of your container by hot gluing bells to it (use the lines as your guide), add twine or ribbon, or even hang word ornaments like peace, hope or joy - the message for the season...

Keep your display monochromatic with just shades of brown & bronze...

Or mix in those fresh cut green for the fresh scent of pine...

These containers are simple ways to winterize your homes decor for the holidays. They can be used on console tables in an entrance or behind a sofa, coffee tables, side tables or in bookcases. It's low enough to also use as a centerpiece on your dining table for a holiday gathering, mixed with candles. The Beachy Bottles I made this past summer also got winterized for our Christmas decor this year. Stop back by tomorrow and I'll show you how!

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  1. The new digs look beautiful. I've been following along with your journey out west, but I don't think I've left you a comment in a long time? I love the centerpieces, a little nature with some added bling always hits the mark. I look forward to seeing all the great things you will do to your new house to make it your home.

  2. These are great. Love teh pairing of nature and sparkle.

  3. love the word conifers, first of all. and second, love them in the galvanized tins. i just saw some nice sized tins in target's dollar spot.

  4. It's amazing how something so simple can go so far! Love the pinecones with the feathers - just beautiful!

  5. Thanks for hangin' in there and following Shannon!! It's hard to believe, about 1 month ago today, we packed up our home in Florida to make the haul to Arizona!! New inspiration is all around...

    Thanks for stopping by Jean, Lauren, and Cape on the Corner!

    xo Lynda

  6. Cute centerpiece ideas! I love the bells and the feathers are a great touch!

  7. What a beautiful centerpiece! I love the contrast between the galvanized container, pine cones, and greenery. Cute idea to add the little bells. You're so lucky to have the star that your grandfather made. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I love this! The pine cones, silver, feathers, bells ~ all of it. I don't know how you've done so much after just moving.


  9. So simple and beautiful...thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit and enter to win my Heirloom ornament...only 1 day left to enter. Warm wishes

  10. Great tips!! Looking forward to following your blog more closely in 2012. Good luck getting settled into your new place. I'm sort of in the same boat - just got a sofa after being in our place for 5 months!!
    Happy Holidays.

  11. You are so creative and I love your style! It's amazing to me that you've done all this when you've just moved!

  12. i love the natural elements mixed with some shimmer and shine!

  13. I really love the simplicity in this centerpiece! You did a lovely job,thankyou,come visit me sometime and chat:) Deidre~

  14. How wonderful to see a new post from you, and what a post!!
    This is SO a living vintage piece. I have always been a fan of this project, and I may just attempt it this year.

    Christmas table decorations

  15. A simple, yet beautiful, Christmas table decorations. I have a vintage dollhouse with vintage holiday figures around the house, on my formal dining table.



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