New Years Eve Tablestyling: Silver Black & Gold

Looking back at the pictures I took from last years New Years Eve for two at our home in Florida, made me miss being able to set up our round little table for two here in AZ. I can't really set up the round table with this layout (at the moment) but I can reuse some of the ideas I set our table and home with... and so can you. Since I had incorporated gold with my silver holiday decor last year, I kept it in the mix, added a little bit more bling - with an unexpected find - and tied together a festive look with some black, silver, and gold party favors I picked up at Party City (on sale for half off). Since no year is on them, we'll be able to reuse them this New Years Eve. Here are some of the details...

Since New Years Eve is usually a time for "reflection",
I used a round mirror from HomeGoods as a tray on the coffee table...

I cleared away the pinecone from holiday, and refilled glass cylinders with silver mirrored balls and gold bling ornaments...

For the table cover, I used two 84" in window panels I had - this is a good way to repurpose the shorter panels since I use 96", 98" and 102" panels now...  To add a little height I put the noisemakers into Vodka shot glasses... For the chairs, I brought down the two black & chrome directors chairs I had in the bedroom. For comfort, I added a metallic silver pillow to both chairs. The sparkle top hats were the last two they had and were only $5 each at Party City... The noisemakers were another $5, so the New Years Eve setting only cost $15 + our dinner of grilled steak & lobster Jeff prepared for a fraction of what NYE would cost us out in Miami (an easy $100 per person for dinner anywhere plus drinks)

The unexpected find: The napkin rings are bracelets - my fave to wear: CUFFS.
For napkins, I layered a solid black linen napkins (from HomeGoods) over my NY Skyline linens, showing only the band of NYC.

More mirrored balls in a (Tiffany) bowl...
I've had these since the millennium and I like using them every New Years Eve and the bowl was a gift from our Realtor back in 2006...

A martini glass held Rocher gold foil wrapped hazelnut chocolates and another mirrored ball.
Martini glasses are also great to use to hold crushed ice & sauce cup for shrimp cocktail...

I used a glass candle holder container to hold the ice and champagne... and I also brought down a clock from upstairs to help keep track of the TIME for New Years Eve...

I added a black fur throw to the all white couch plus a my two silver sequin pillows.
For added New Years Eve sparkle, I also draped my pashmina wrap of black and silver...

My thrifted brass candle holders added just enough gold to the table, and held 14" black tapers... Silver mirror mosaic candles (clustered behind the sofa) also added sparkle and a glow to the space... For New Years Eve glam confetti, I curled some silver ribbon I had leftover from wrapping. I used my small disco ball (I got when I worked in visuals) as the centerpiece on the dining table for dinner, and afterwards over on the coffee table with the champagne...

The look of our intimate dining area within the living room had a beautiful glow in all the candlelight, as we watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV... Hopefully one year we'll actually make it TO times Square for New Years Eve...

Cheers to you... whatever your plans may be...
and I hope some of these ideas helped to inspire you...

 Happy New Year 2012!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love all the bling! I want to come celebrate NYE at your place - so pretty!

  2. Lynda, this is beyond incredible! I love everything you've done here ~ all of the mirrored balls, glassware, branches, linens, clock...omg it's just perfect for NYE!!! So sophisticated & beautiful. I was wondering about the table cover and not surprised to find out you cleverly used draperies! And the blingy cuffs for napkin holders are perfection!! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year's Eve~~~~~

  3. Party at Lynda's house! How beautiful and festive everything looks! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Stunning! Every piece is wonderfully positioned and chosen. May all your dreams come true in 2012. Happy New Year! xo marlis

  5. This is exquisite ~ and my choice of colors! You've done a fabulous job with all the decor ~ I love the bling and the use of the draperies is perfect. I'd love to join you on NYE! :-)

    Happy New Year ~

  6. Lynda, that is so beautiful, festive and elegant! I love all the bling and your use of simple things. The clock is my favorite piece on the tray! Happy New Year to you! I wish you all the best in 2012!

  7. Been to Times Square on New Year' s Eve....and it was a fun thing to do but trust me....that gorgeous setting you created is soooooo much better (and warmer). It's beautiful. Happy New Year ~



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