Rental ReStyle: Christmas Home Tour

It's hard to believe, back on November 7, Jeff and I had our home - our life - loaded on a moving truck in South Florida bound for Arizona. I don't think it hit either one of us what was happening until the truck rolled away... with all of our furniture, clothing, office papers, books, photos - you name it, it was on that truck. Thankfully we arrived safely to our new home a week ahead of the truck to have time do some cleaning, painting and planning some of the spaces before the truck arrived on a cold November morning. Thankfully also the truck arrived safely November 15 for us to begin getting settled in our new home - even if renting - while closing on the sale of our Florida home. I mentioned before, it's been challenging learning what looks and feels right in our new space and re-arranging some of our home organization (along with getting to know my way around in an unfamiliar area), but I was determined to make this house our "Home" for the Holidays and beyond. So here it is... our Arizona Holiday Home...

Simple lights used outside... just reused lights from our Florida home... but since this is my first stoop (to decorate) used buffalo snow on the steps. 
When it rained - it looked real!

 The snow drifts to the corners also helped to conceal some of the wires...

I know I'm going to LOVE spending time up in the third floor loft space. Since I had just painted my thrifted buffet red right before we left Florida, I used it (along with my Ralph Lauren book) as the inspiration for the space. The tartan plaid wrap on the wicker chair I picked up while in New York back in September (only $5)... And the table (you may recognize as new) is actually my first Arizona THRIFT find! I sanded it down and refinished it (more about that later...) I used some B&W ribbon I had to tie up 3 simple wreaths (I picked up at Micheal's for only $2 each!) and dressed them with only pinecones and the faux galvanized stars I made...

The cream faux bois plate I also scored thrifting here in AZ for $2.
Jeff brought home the fresh cut pine after work the other day...

I used Jeff's heirloom wooden suitcase (FILLED with family history, vintage photos and keepsakes) as part of the vignette I made at the top of the stairs on the third floor. The houndstooth fabric under the tree is just a flat sheet we don't use from our set... The glass container is filled with coffee beans and smells great when you come upstairs...

The form I use to have with my roses & pearls in the office is now wearing a suede & fur coat I thrifted (actually in Florida before we moved!)  I used the faux galvanized stars I made in the garland on the mirror with some twine to relate to the twine elements on the second floor - our Living room. The mercury glass containers look so pretty at night and smell great too when they are lit from inside with holiday pine candles. They make the crystals I added to my thrifted brass sconces sparkle!

I usually use red in our bedroom for Christmas. This year, I kept it simple with just the duvet cover banded at the foot of the bed, with tow quilted pillow covers. The sheets are houndstooth print. I love the simple play on pattern with the lampshades, pillow, sheets and rug. Since it's EXTRA cold here, Jeff brought home another throw - in an argyle print - which also worked great in the space. I brought in the two stools I had recovered in RED, and placed them on either side of the dresser. We use them every night to hold the pillows removed from the bed. I reused my Ikea black candle tray to display some of my cuffs on the silver chest of drawers...

My PB frosted branches (I usually used in the dining room or living room) worked great in the new bedroom this year for holiday. I tied a red plaid napkin around the vase neck for a little shot of red & print. The wreath above the bed is actually two garlands I had and twisted together... Sephora is liking the new space too - and fits perfectly on the bed :)

Since our new bathroom is smaller (by half) I finally got to put an eteger I had in the garage to use. I painted it black (it was red) and used to to stack towels, hair products and a supply of TP (until I can get the shelves put up in the WC).  We removed the towel bar, and put hooks instead (helps to hold and dry our used towels). Since the bedroom has one window off to one side of one of the walls, I used a mirror to balance the space and light... It reflects into and from the living room...

When we painted the bedroom, we had removed a wall mounted bevel mirror.
I used it as a runner for holiday on the buffet...

The faux galvanized stars I made helped to give the tree a more "Arizonian" feel (especially since their state flag has a star!) And the mix of metals relates to the states top industry too: MINING - for GOLD, SILVER,,,, and copper :)

The stars I used this year actually started out in the kitchen... but I haven't used these stars since I was in my apartment! (They are OLD!! lol)

The Florida beachy bottle got their makeover with twine and it's just enough of a rustic touch to relate to our new location...

My traditional JOY letters I use yearly got a makeover of their own this year - Misted over the silver with dark broze and also a touch of twine... The buffalo check adds a rugged western touch for winter...

I LOVE seeing the keepsake star out on the coffee table - my grandfather made and this star use to be on my tree as a child. The horseshoe Jeff and I found while visiting family in Georgia. It related to the horse wall art I made and had used last year (just a framed calender photo). The blank canvas got a simple rustic touch too - tied with twine...

Since I only have a few mercury glass ornaments (and don't want them falling off the tree to the wood floors) I just put them in my black glass bowl (my FIRST thrift item from YEARS ago!) and placed it un the shelf under the coffee table...


Pop-Pop's keepsake star he made when he worked at a steel mill in New Jersey...

Is there still some tweaking to do? You betcha! This weekend I worked on getting the Home Office focused on finances only set up... and some more garage organizing of paint supplies, online address changes to profiles, plus clearing out the two bedrooms I'll be setting up as guest rooms for our Florida, New Jersey, and Georgia friends and family (I miss terribly!!) to stay in when they head west to come visit us. I'll share those pics, projects and some tips for moving during the holidays later... But right now it's just time for a cup hot chocolate or coffee and enJOY the holiday... 


Seasons Greetings!
Joyous Noel!
Happy Holidays!
Feliz Navidad! and
Merry Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your home is so amazing. Of course I knew it would be. So glad you guys have settled in AZ.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. I'm sending a link of your blog onto two of my BFF - they'll never believe what you done in such a short time! This is absolutely fab - don't know many people who could have gotten all these decorations up in record time, let alone done such a marvelous job. Welcome to AZ - hear from friends it's a wonderful state - lots of nice sunshine and great people.

  3. I'm amazed at the wonderful style and comfortable feel you have created in such a short period of time!

  4. Your new home looks amazing. You must have been working day and night to get it all finished! I love your third floor office space. Redoing my office is on my list...I have my old kitchen table(looks like your now desk) in my basement and was planning to paint it and use it for my des/work table.

  5. Your home looks AMAZING! So comfortable and warm I'll have a cup of hot chocolate or coffee...LOL

  6. Your home looks stunning. Pulled together in such a short time. I'm impressed. One of my favorite tours for sure!

  7. It is simply the most beautiful presentation I have ever seen! How did you do this in such a short time? You never cease to wow and amaze me.

  8. Lynda! You rock! Not only are you all unpacked - your home look gorgeous and inspiring for the holidays! Lovely! Like pages from a holiday decor magazing. Wow!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Lynda, Your home is lovely! It hard to believe it has been such a short time since you moved! Your home looks amazing decorated for the holidays! I love your third floor space! I just want to curl up and read a book there! Thanks for sharing your home tour!

  10. Lynda, I can not believe what you have accomplished in such a short period of time. You new home is decorated so beautifully for the holidays. Thanks so much for stopping by to say "hi".
    Marianne :)

  11. Your new home is decorated so beautifully. I love all the pops of color. So pretty.

    I am in Florida for the time being.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  12. Beautiful Lynda! You are so talented, and so fast LOL. WOW, it looks like you are going to love it there. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. Welcome to Arizona!! Your home looks wonderful already!

  14. I LOVE your style. It's fab! I live in North Phoenix and I wish you would have moved next door to me so I could maybe of seen your house in person. : )

  15. Moving to a new home and re-organizing the furniture while preparing for the holidays does sound pretty tricky. On the other hand, it seemed like you guys did a wonderful job setting your house "home" for Christmas and the months ahead.

  16. OK Lynda, fess up... your really Wonder Woman aren't you?
    I can't believe how fast you got your new home put together! Here's wishing you, Jeff and Sephora a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year... now go hide your cape and drink that hot chocolate and enjoy your beautifully decorated home!

  17. Why am I not surprised that your home is already so beautifully put together! It's just gorgeous but of course, I wouldn't expect anything less. Merry Christmas, Lynda! I hope you're enjoying your new surroundings.

  18. Hi Sweetheart!You're doing a "fantabulously delishious" job of making your house a beautiful(and stylish) home. The rustic touches really play-up those gorgeous dark wood floors, and the floors provide an interesting backdrop for all the interesting rugs. Everything looks bright, shiny and new! Festive for the Season. At least you have it cold sometimes---to remind you of those COLD Jersey winters! Enjoy the new space---and remember to give Jeff a kiss for me! God Bless You both, and a Joyeux Noelle! Love & Kisses & lots of Hugs-from me, and the Big "O". Merry-Merry!

  19. Stunning!! I am in awe that you've managed to do so much in so little time! We've been in our place for 18 months and don't think it's as polished as yours! lol Truly amazing! Have a wonderful Christmas in your new home :) xxx

  20. You have been working your behind off sister! The house is decorated beautifully! Well should you ever get bored, Northern CA is just a hop, skip and a quick plane ride away. Come visit!

  21. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Lynda. I hope you and your husband have an amazing holiday. Your decorations and home are absolutely beautiful.

  22. You have done wonders in your new home! It is lovely and homey, Lynda. Enjoy a great first Christmas in it. ~ Sue

  23. Hi lovely lady.
    Your home is Gorgeous for the Christmas Holidays, you did a Beautiful job putting this all together love it...I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape for Christmas.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    XXOO Diane

  24. I'm sorry, but I couldn't just resist asking… Is that your cat on the bed? Hehe, I have cats at home, and I also let 'em get on the bed after they've been groomed. Your cat looks right at home on your bed, and it definitely matches the color. White cats are amazing!



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