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Thrifting in Arizona, from what I've seen so far, can be summed up in these three words: Location. Location. Location. I was definitely spoiled, thrifting in South Florida... so many vintage and classic finds. Here, you've got to do some serious hunting; but with a good eye, it is possible to score a few thrifty finds. If you've just moved, and are in need of a few furniture pieces (because of new room or space) or you're looking to revamp an unused space, or even if you're hunting for textiles to recover an existing piece or layer your windows with - Give thrift a try! Here's a few fabric & furniture finds I did spot, after venturing off to about dozen thrift stores in the Gilbert - Mesa - Chandler areas....

Great fabric finds scored at the Goodwill off Baseline & Power Roads...

These will be great to recover some chairs for the new Studio / Loft area I'm setting up in our new place...

Although this above scarf was found at Ross, it still works great with the other prints of hounds tooth, glen plain, and tartan plaid...

Napkins can be a simple fabric to frame and add a shot of print, color or pattern to a gallery wall.
This tartan plaid is a great addition for the holidays...

Discount stores like Ross and Homegoods sell great looking storage trunks, usually for around $39. You can find some trunks with character thrifting for a fraction of the cost... Only $7.99

Be sure too check inside for cleanliness, especially if you'll be using it for blanket storage.

 I spotted this brass chandy - a great looking find - and if you read Rashon Carraway's blog, Mr. Goodwill Hunting, you'll recall he found one while thrifting out in Rockhill, North Carolina.
 Scored some (new) Ansel Adams prints to use in the new space - only .69 each!.
These will be a simple update to some beach photos I have framed...

Great bookcases with closed storage - great for a living room, or even in a dining area that doubles as an office.

This was a surprise - great lines on a vintage office chair for only $12.99. Love the look of the clean lines paired with the tufting and textured fabric - although yes - it either needs a serious cleaning or reupholster altogether.

If your setting up an office or studio, thrifting can be a money saver when searching for a desk or project work surface. The above Ikea desk was only $19.99... but a dining table can also be used for a more unconventional desk.

I did the unthinkable when it comes to thrift: I spotted this table Monday, and after giving it much thought, went back Tuesday evening - and it was STILL THERE!

Only $24.99 for a 60" x 36" solid pine table... vs. an easy $200+ on a new desk or table....
With a little TLC, sanding, paint and stain, it will be as good as new. A huge savings and way to complete the new loft area we now have - without breaking the budget.

I did look into getting Annie Sloan's paint (Graphite), but to save the expense, I'm sticking with using a latex I already have. Thanks to whoever was previously in our rental, they left a quart or Behr Flat latex - in Graphite in the garage. I couldn't pack and ship any of my paints for the move (because of risk of spills and damage), so free paint is another thrifty score!

Love the legs. 
This will work well in contrast to the clean lines I already have going on in the loft area.

Although I was focused on what kind of furniture styles are donated around this area, I also did spot a few fashion finds - like this fur coat - which is greatly needed now. Temps around here have been as low as in the 20's in the morning and only reaching 50's - 60's as the high... which with shorter winter days, isn't really for that long.

I can see someone working this coat with a cream turtle neck, chunky scarf, dark denim tucked into some tobacco leather knee boots....

Besides the Goodwill's, I did find two other thrift spots...
St. Vincent de Paul had 2/3 of their store stocked with furniture, reasonable prices, and the friendly clerk let me know they get their trucks Tuesday - Friday. They are open on Sundays - not everyone around here is - and that's a GOOD thing :)
Great storage find at SVDP for around $150.

Unfortunately, this thrift shop, Hidden Treasures, closes by 4pm - so I missed getting a tour inside. From the window and what they also post on Craig's List, it looks like they may be a good source for thrifty furniture finds.I'd also like to go more north into Scottsdale and see what thrifting is like up there - plus, I did see where they have some antique shops to also check out.

Until then, I hope it's a little warmer outside today. I'd really like to get outside to work on the thrifted farmers table a bit (sanding), but I think I might try painting it after we get it upstairs (3 flights!) Do you have any tips for painting furniture in cold weather?? This is new to me! lol But still luvin' it!

From the page, but 
this is a shot from the Hallendale Goodwill I use to visit.

So yes, location plays a huge part in finding some good thrift - but also staying focused to hunt for just what you're looking for, you CAN find it! And you can find it at even deeper discounts when you find out what your local thrift stores sale days are. Some days, you can get an extra 50% off and I believe Saturdays are $1days for clothing at the area Goodwills.... but don't quote me - I have to double check on that. While at the thrift stores, I used my phone & Facebook to "Check-In", which I ended up adding the locations to check-in... So if you go to any thrift stores in the Gilbert - Chandler - Mesa areas, check-in to thrift and maybe we could meet up!

What have you hunted for and found through thrift lately?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yes the thrifting in Arizona is tough and I find in the phoenix area its a little harder. Im originally from Tucson and have always had pretty good luck! But I love those bookcases you found!!

  2. Looks like you did pretty well! Why do you think thrifting is harder in AZ? I'm actually considering a move there in the not too far off future.

  3. Thanks Megan and Yes Jean! I did manage to find some things in the style & for the room I was looking. The assortment to choose from here though isn't the style I'd usually find in South Florida... Probably because it's more metropolitan there than here. In FL, you could easily find modern vintage, chrome & glass, regency style faux bamboo, or good quality solid wood pieces. I had my hotspots when i was there (like always finding what i was looking for at Faith Farm or Out of the Closet thrift spots - These were the 2 main spots I'd hit within a day or 2 hrs.) Here, I drove to 12 spots in two afternons (8 hrs) to be able to find 1 table for the studio area, some fabric, and a Ansel prints to frame. The stores (that I've been to) have been more clothing. I almost wish they would have one central furniture & home goods Goodwill within an area.

    It's not impossible to thrift here... it's just more challenging... :) Want to check out Scottsdale...


  4. I was definitely waiting to see what you would find in the AZ area. Seems like you have started to find what areas have the best deals already.

    Cant wait to see more of your thrifted finds.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. You always have great tips - and I thank you for that ... I know Annie Sloane paints are getting tons of hype now - because they bond to nearly everything - BUT so does Caromal Colours and their Reclaim line has a sealer built in!! About the same price as AS - but a wonderful product to work with ... brush strokes even out, it often covers in one coat - which AS never does in my experience. I saw both of them at a Faux Finishing Conference over the summer and tried both -- I like the Reclaim paint best -- just FYI from my experience. So glad to see you settling into your new home. I always look forward to your posts. from

  6. Wow you have a good eye because I would of passed up most. It is very hard to thrift here in Chandler!

  7. Fabulous finds! That table is almost just like the one I have in my craft room! Thanks so much for your comment on my painted chair today!



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