Christmas Tablescape: Green & Organic Chic

When I lived in Florida, I didn't experience a change of seasons, so I had to try to create the seasons on my own. Probably one of my favorite tablescapes I had done was when I first used a found branch as my centerpiece, and personalized pinecones for monogrammed place-settings. Usually, I'd get all blinged out for Christmas using all silver & glass, but for me back in 2009, I wanted to have a more natural Christmas decor setting. Since many people are using more nature in their decor this year, I thought this would be a great time to share the tablescape with you, and hopefully inspire your upcoming Christmas tablescape... 

Even if you don't live in a woodland area, some of the most beautiful and organic shapes can be found just on the side of the road (just be aware of who is behind you when you stop!). You can leave the branch in its natural finish, but for a more modern look, spray it with a pop of color (like red, orange or turquoise) for a striking centerpiece. The organic branch was the statement piece for me to build the tablescape from...

I checked all my cabinets, buffets, garage, and closets for any and all things I thought I could use for the tablescape. It was fun to go hunting and gathering in our own home and even pull out some of those forgotten treasures or bargain beauties I haven’t used in a while. I pulled together all the found pieces and started to play with the layering the tablescape.

I did keep in mind how I would be serving or presenting the food, how many people, and would I need the extension leaf in the table? Some other things considered when setting this Christmas tablescape: Will all food be brought to the table & served family style? Would I do the plating for my guests in the kitchen, and bring it to the table for them? or would I just present a buffet? Serving the food buffet style is a great way to plan by leaving space on the table for a personalized place card (like the monogrammed pinecone) or a small gift for your guests. Planning your table ahead can take away the awkwardness of your guests asking, “Now where do I put this?”

TIP: When using an organically shaped centerpiece, such as a branch, it may be necessary to actually place it in the center near the beginning of constructing your tablescape. Trying to fit it in at the end could cause you to have to redo your layout.

My tablescape featured here was for only four guests. They were linked together by laying double runners across the table from each chair. Chargers were placed, then the branch. Because of its unusual shape, the stemware actually had to be placed like bookends (meaning at opposite ends) rather than all on the same side of each plate. The overall look still is flowing and symmetrical thanks to an art technique called Trompe-l'œil (French for ‘trick the eye’). To give the branch some shine, but not take away from its form, simple clear balls were placed on its branches.

Each of the place settings were personalized by using initials with pinecones and bells. These were simple press on letters from Michael's Craft store, attached to pre-cut & hole punched rectangles of parchment paper. For added natural texture, silver ribbon was used to string the initial to the pinecone, clustered with a jingle bell.

For a cohesive look that year since I had a green tree and green textiles paired with black and silver, I layered three shades of green like citron, olive, and evergreen, on the table. For the chair, I had used these fabulous green velvet chair covers I had gotten on clearance at Pottery Barn. The white of the branch stood out, but also related with each simple white place setting. I really liked the way the green worked also with the gray walls color & window panels...

Since at the time made this setting, I was new to blogging, and I didn't posted the specifics about tablescape here on the blog, but I did share it over on HGTV's Rate my Space. featured it, along with a few other tablescapes you can read about in their Rustic Centerpieces post. Here's also a few other photos from the Christmas decor from that year...


  1. Absolutely wonderful ideas here. I also love using natural things to decorate with around my home and would be lost without cans of spray paint. Happy Holidays!

  2. Everything looks so chic and stylish !

  3. What a fabulous Christmas tablescape. Love those glasses and the color, exquisite! I've been blog hopping to look for beautiful christmas table decorations and saw this post. Thanks for sharing these inspiration. Have a happy holiday!



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