STORE TOUR: Pottery Barn Spring Set

Although I adore searching on Pinterest for online inspiration, along with skimming through design books, magazines, catalogues and blogs, to me, nothing quite beats a brick & mortar store tour. I guess it's probably because it was a part of me for so many years, but I LOVE seeing stores transform, clear the clutter and get set for a new season.  Some stores are quicker than others to get set after the holidays, but one store that usually comes out ahead of the other retailers is Pottery Barn. And thankfully, a quick trip the other day to my new neighborhood location (in Chandler Fashion Center) didn't disappoint! Not terribly overdone, but crisp, clean, and fresh merchandise stories, with new merchandise filling shelves, the store was a pleasure to walk through - from being greeted with colorful flower arrangements at the door - to the smiling friendly associates...

LOVED the bunches of flowers used in vignettes around the store.
They really helped to soften hard surfaces and the strong edges of case-goods and mirrors...

The store was well lit...
Trust me - not all stores are and this can be a very annoying missed detail!

Clean and simple - strong candle statement.



Liked the double layered table runners.
A simple way to add texture to a tablescape...

Loved the layers of silver on burlap...

Ok - This is an EZ DIY - and already done!
I've been saving wine corks for probably six years now :)

This trunk reminded me of a trunk my dad built,
my mom has, and the finish I'd love to redo it in...

Beautiful and simple painted bottles (in a hot color trend for Spring: YELLOW!)
with a gorgeous plume finial...

LOVED the finish on the pottery.
Inspiring to refinish a few pieces around here...

Although the store didn't have some of the exciting new merchandise I previewed from their online Spring 2012 catalogue, I know that was a sign of things to come, another set, and another time to head over for a tour and shop... And maybe next time, I'll bring along the coupon they sent to Welcome Us to the neighborhood (a plus to moving: when you change your address, and change most catalogue addresses, those stores send a 15% - 20% off your purchase coupon to welcome you to the neighborhood)

(Near Nordstrom)
3111  West Chandler Blvd.
Chandler, Arizona 85226
(480) 899 - 7055

In Florida, I had five Pottery Barns near me. Here in Arizona, there is only this location, plus one at the Scottsdale Quarter and one at the Phoenix / Biltmore. Looking forward forward future visits :) Have a great weekend!

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  1. Those bottles with the plume finial are so interesting. I haven't seen anything like that begore.

  2. I am so fortunate to have a Pottery Barn near me and love to peruse for ideas. They also have great sales!

    Art by Karena



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