More Pinterest Interest: STRIPES ON STRIPES

I love the inspirations pinning at Pinterest triggers.There you are, elbow on desk, head leaning on the palm of your left hand and happily clicking the mouse... pinning away with your right when you spot something. It triggers a memory of something you use to do, and then you start a search (this takes both hands). After searching, you're thrilled to discover a few other pins with the same thought. This occurred over the weekend for me while pinning the oh so popular STRIPES trend. The pinning triggered a reminder of things I already have and I said - "Hey, I can do that!" And wallah! A new look from an old trend (back in the 90's) and existing pieces is reborn... Stripes On Stripes.


Florida Home in Fall 2011

I was already unconsciously mixing stripes in our home, for example the bold awning stripe pillows in a room with a zebra throw or rug... But you can also mix this look into your wardrobe with a scarf and a dress. I tried a little of this mixing and put together a fresh new outfit, ready for spring. Here are some of the inspirational pins...

Fashionista's can't forget Carrie in Paris in the final season of
Sex In The City - Stripes On Stripes

Stripes on Stripes with COLOR! 
(My memory trigger: I used to display this look back in the 90's at a store called Body Shop)

Stripes On Stripes + a pop of color from shoes or colored denim...

Guys can mix it up too!
This is a GREAT look for Summer! 
(Can't you just see Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting in this??!!)

Bold + BOLDER stripes

Stripes On Stripes - mixing scale in a space. 

Perfect example of Stripes on Stripes in the Home: 
It's about mixing the scale of thin + bold stripes.

Now, here's my old / new outfit:

AZ thrift score: B&W Stripe Tunic Tube Top $3.99

Closet Organizing this weekend (more about that later)

My new outfit - created from existing pieces + a little inspiration from Pinterest!
The best part, the look only would total $55, but I only recently spent $3.99 for the look because all pieces were closet + thrift finds!

Tunic tube, necklace, sandals: THRIFT
Maxi Skirt: Clearance LY at TJMaxx
Military Jacket: Target (2010)
Earrings and Ring: Love Culture - Miami (2010)

What have you been pinning lately?


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  1. I found this post looking for some stripes on stripes inspiration. I'll let you know if you go ahead and post my look.
    I absolutely love what you've come up with. Especially the price. I love Goodwill too.


    I must have missed stripes on stripes trend in 90's! I thought it was a new thing. What goes around comes around.



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