After almost two years of using one of my fave sites: Olioboard, I was contacted by them a few times this year. Although two opps didn't work out - getting to be on Nate Berkus Show or getting my board featured on The Today Show - I am thankful to have been featured on a Designer Interview series at Olioboard. During the interview, I shared a few tips on how I've used the site to plan for both my client projects and my personal projects. I also shared how I started using the site paired with Pinterest to further market my abilities from Olioboard to Pintereast or add finds from Pinterest to create an Olioboard. You can read the interview posted at: Designer Interviews: Lynda Quintero-Davids. You can also read a tutorial about how to use the new ProPlan Olioboard is offering posted at: How To Use Olioboards New ProPlan To Your Advantage - where I am grateful to them for featuring more of my boards.

While at Olioboard, please be sure to also VOTE for my board - DIESEL DEN - during the last four days of the ManCave Challenge. I was in first with my 3D board, then slipped to second to a SuperBowl Giants ManCave (Go Giants!) Now both our 3D boards slipped from first and second since a 2D board now moved into first. First place is a $500 Gift Card from the sponsor of the challenge - Spirit of Sports. I had hoped to give away the GC here to you on my blog - so go VOTE! And you can VOTE daily - THANKS in advance for your votes!! xo

Also be sure to catch more news about Olioboard featured today on The Today Show, as discussed by a selected Olioboard user / homeowner tonyab and design expert, Susanna Salk. And don't forget to watch the Nate Berkus Show this coming Monday to watch three New York area designers + Olioboard CEO discussing how they are using the site to present their plans to their clients.

ManCave Challenge board by user tonyab
to be featured on the Today Show!

I'll be sure to be share the studio office reveal next week -
I posted the sneak peek about yesterday...

Thanks for stopping by and for your votes!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lynda, I think you'll win anyway because you have so many boards and they are choosing between the top 25 for the top three prizes. You have been sharing your boards via your Facebook page for a long time and they are always awesome!

    I hope that 1st place prize goes to you!!


  2. Dear Lynda: This is such an incredible and generous post. Thank you for all you are doing! You are a star!

    As Sarah is saying, the 3 winners will be chosen from the top 25 posts with the most votes by @AndieDay and @Marilyn_Russell.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Lynda and thanks are really a great talent at this!



  3. You are so talented. It is more than and education in design it is inside of you. Your boards are always so gorgeous and inspirational.

  4. You are so good at Olioboard. I still have not had a lot of time to get proficient. I left FB, (in case you might have noticed), but I am keeping up with you here on the blog.


  5. Thank you Ellen, Leslie, Sarah and Anon! One day left for voting - fingers crossed!! Must say though, a little confused at two TV spots for OB - It's been showing more for homeowner use - even though on Nate, those three were designers... But I guess all the press is all GOOD!

    xo Lynda



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