Back from an unplugged and productive weekend! But sadly - the time out from twitter Saturday turned into tragic news Sunday morning. What a SHOCK to hear of Whitney Houston's passing. Jeff and I watched a very nice tribute on the Early Show... Then we had breakfast and I got to working on some projects I've been wanting to do around here - one of which was getting the upstairs loft / office space put together & organized. part of doing that came from finally bringing my thrifted Milo Baughman chairs to a place to get reupholstered. Although I can change a simple seat cushion, these had a boxed cushion and piping which I can not do (yet). 

Brought chairs to:
Covers Plus
1727 N Arizona Ave
Suite 3

Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 310-4029

I had found the chairs at Faith Farm last May, and blogged about them in June (read Thrifty Thursday: Discovering Icon Milo Baughman). Although they were fine with the original cream basket weave fabric, it looked like a cat had attacked the arms. I knew I had wanted to cover them, but I no fabric I would see was inspiring me enough to do it. 

The pair of chairs were only $16...
A steal of a deal when compared to 1st Dibs!

After we moved here to AZ in November, I went thrifting and spotted some fab fabric and a great price. I placed the fabric on the chairs in the space I was going to put them - the upstairs loft / office space - and I liked the combination of the glen plaid with camel to do for the piping. I looked for a place around here (found: Covers Plus) and got (IMO) a reasonable deal to re-upholster the cushions + arms. I love their new look & great service from Covers Plus...

Now to fix up the rest of the space...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. looks great! good luck improving on those upholstery skills. ;)

  2. Love this makeover!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting



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