Spirit of Sports, More Mancave Style & A Contest @Olioboard!

Last week, I shared with you "How To Make Your Man A Mancave" - but with a sophisticated approach. For the flip side of that mancave styling, here are two more casual mancave moodboards I recently created for a NEW Moodboard Challenge happening now at Olioboard - The Spirit of Sports Mancave Challenge. You've come through before, and thanks to your votes, I've been able to place in the top 3 for the contests I've entered. This time though - the winning 2 boards from the challenge will be featured on the TODAY SHOW airing February 17 - with design expert & Today Show contributor Susanna Salk representing Olioboard!! (not to mention also generous gift cards to purchase Spirit of Sports art!) Multiple boards can be entered, so I've been testing my testosterone, and here are my latest two mancave roomboards...

Diesel Den was created for the man who loves tinkering with old trucks, gears, gizmos, and riding his horse Thunder. He appreciates his past with a nod to mid century - but living out west, he's drawn to rustic finishes. He just wanted a space to kick back with his buddies to watch the game in comfort. He had his Spirit of Sports art customized to be a cover for the wall mounted flat screen TV. Since several of his fave sports players through the years have been named "The Diesel" - hence, here is the Diesel Den.

For the man who isn't into as into TV & sports, but would rather seclude himself into a cocooned room filled with his rare book collection to read a novel or get lost in a mystery - Here's a mantuary just for him too...

No fluff - Just Books, lighting, leather, and art - with a special piece as the focal point: SWIFT - A stunning Spirit Of Sports wall art reminder of his college days when he was on the rowing team. He lounges and puts his feet up on rich worn leather, from the versatile coffee table / ottoman, to the chair he picked (think American Pickers) to his fave Milo Baughman chair he acquired from his father.

Since not all mancaves need to be in a garage, basement, or separate room - he needs a place to sleep too - here is an additional man space in sophisticated style inspired by his love and admiration for roadsters...

Susan Rapp, the VP of Community Management at Kalidescope and representative at Olioboard, posted a fantastic write up about the contest on the Olioboard Blog. Sue said, "The ManCave Movement is all about creating a hideaway lounge where the home decor reflects his favorite things, his passion for sports and his hobbies & collectibles. In celebration of Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday on Feb 5th, Olioboard is taking a look at some ManCave Moodboards." Stop by to read the rest of the rules, inspirations, and post... where I am grateful to Sue for including my board in her post - ManCave Moodboards, Contests and great Prizes! Thanks Susan!

The contest began yesterday and is running now through February 22. So far, as of today, I made it into the top 3 of 58+ entries! THANK YOU!!! Please vote on my rustic 3D MANCAVE Board - The Diesel Den ... and while at Olioboard, check out the other challenges happening or sign up and try Olioboard for yourself.

Thanks again for your votes and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lynda, you put so much time and thought into these boards! I hope you win! It seems as though they have some cheaters now though. The last contest they had, someone had 600 likes!? The most I've ever seen was in the 60's.
    I'm running over to vote for you now!

  2. Oh no! That ain't right... Hope that doesn't with this contest. I've really been enjoying creating "man" stories & making these mancave moodboards! Thanks for stopping by - and THANK YOU for your vote Artie!!

    xo Lynda

  3. Lynda great job. Love a man cave especially with my man in it. I vote for the Metropolitan Man. Feels very Metrosexual to me.
    Happy Happy.

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