A GameChanger For Designers & Manufacturers: Using Olioboard + Pinterest

THANK YOU Leslie Carothers - CEO of Kaleidoscope Partnership (a social media agency for the furniture and interior design industry) for all the amazing and thoughtful compliments + recognition you've given to me - via Facebook & Twitter - since you've  joined forces with Olioboard this year! Tonite, I took a look back at both my first year of building my online social network in 2010 (read My Social Networking Milestones) plus looking back at my first post here on the blog after first using Olioboard (read Creating Moodboards With Olioboard.com)... and it was fun to see the evolution. Although I would share boards here on the blog, occasionally share on Facebook, plus post to various other sites like Design Stories Network and my BeHance portfolio (also connected to LinkedIn), no other social connection quite made the impact such as Pinterest.

By using Olioboard, I'm able to design a project - from concept to completion, and then use my work to better market myself.

Last summer, when reading my blog stats, I had noticed a good majority of my blog traffic was coming from Pinterest. I don't recall who sent the invite to join, but when I did - it opened the door or better yet a Pandora's box of opportunity to share information & inspiration. Earlier this month when the news broke on Mashable about "Pinterest having more traffic than Google + YouTube + LinkedIn"... I said - That's how I can show people what I can do for them - I gotta pin my boards to Pinterest! And since you can also add your pins to Olioboard, it all just made good sense to do, as Leslie has recognized - especially if you are in the design or even retail industry and looking to better brand yourself. Here's some of what Leslie had to say about what I've started doing:

"This is truly brilliant, Lynda Quintero-Davids. You are leading the way with cross promoting your design work using both of these tools in a very sophisticated way. Even if Olioboard were not a client, I would be in awe of how you are understanding and acting on how you can use these social media tools to create business for yourself." ~LC

CLIENT PROJECT: FL Living Room Consultation - An empty room was a blank canvas of possibilities. The homeowner was wanting a blue & white palette. Along with drawing up furniture plans, I shared as inspiration images from Elle Decor, sourced the furnishings, and put together this one of three variations for her space.

"Take a peek at what Lynda Quintero-Davids created. First she did a 3D room on @olioboard, added the fashion w/a 2D module and then created a Pinterest board for her and shared it back onto her FB Timeline. Imagine those possibilities for Fashion + Decor." ~LC

When pinning my above lifestyle board from Olio to Pinterest, I also tweeted it with:
"Add color to board presentations using NEW Text Tool IN Color + Color Schemes @Olioboard"

"This is just an incredible use of Pinterest + Oliboard, Lynda Quintero-Davids (@nyclq ).Fashion + 3D Olioboards REPINNED onto Pinterest. Now, too, you can share this on your Facebook Timeline with Facebook's announcement today that Pinterest is an app in their OPEN GRAPH." ~LC

"This is a gamechanger for every designer and manufacturer."
Leslie Carothers - CEO of Kaleidoscope Partners

Thank you so much Leslie!
After having worked in retail for 25 years, to teaching myself what I know about social marketing during the past two years (through trial & error) - I'm grateful, humbled and completely honored by your recognition! 

And thank you too for stopping by!


  1. I've yet to really delve into Olioboard I have an account, but I have to figure it. Good looking board you there...by the way.

  2. I have tried Olioboard several times. I just cant seem to get it to work. Maybe it has changed since the last time I tried using it, but the products were very limiting.

    Im not sure. Will look at it again after reading this. ]

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Hi Lynda!

    Totally agree with you on Pinterest. Has completely changed how we are connecting with customers, and with designers. I LOVE the I can actually show my style - and cannot believe the traffic count on our actual website and on our blog. Very excited about the possibilities.

    Have a great weekend - and keep up the great work!

  4. Tonia - Olioboard may take a few tries to get it - but once you play around with it, it's so much fun and actually pretty EZ! Great for homeowner planning or designer presentations!

    Rashon - Olioboard has evolved into a wonderful site - especially with the ability to add products from your browser - OR - upload your own pics (like those fab thrifty finds!) The possibilites are ENDLESS!! You're not only limited to product on the site + they are adding more lines as they evolve.

    Caron - YAY!! So happy to hear you are reaping the benefits of buiding your brand + growing your buisness from Pinterest! Sounds like inbound marketing is singing its cost effective praises over you! xo

    xo Lynda

  5. amazing post...u have a gr8 blog...



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