3 EZ DIY Summer Outdoor Games

Last week, I was watching LIVE! With Kelly and saw a fun segment that brought back a lot of fun summertime memories - Outdoor Games. Katie Brown was the guest who created several DIY outdoor games you too can create (read about + watch the video on the LIVE! link: Katie Brown's Outdoor Games). My three faves were #1 (by far!) Twister, #2 Bowling and #3 Miniature Golf. I tried looking for images on Katie's FB wall, the LIVE! link, Google images and even Pinterest - but no luck (go figure?). Here are some similar images from Pinterest, that I'm sure you creative DIYers can tweak!

Use WATER-BASE paint if painting circles to grass.
An alternative to grass, (and more practical IMO) is how Katie Brown used ASTROTURF! 
Then you can take it anywhere!

Katie used clear LITER BOTTLES filled with color water for this!

Sand pails, rocks, plants can create these obstacles. Katie Brown had used metal drywall studs and other galvanized building materials to create her mini golf course. Flags were faux palm fronds for a tropical hole in one! 

Nothing fancy - It's not the U.S. Open... 
Just some backyard fun!

If you're in need of golf clubs and golf balls - Check out your local thrift shops (Hubs has actually done this and created a set for next to nothing! Golf Bag was a splurge at sporting goods store, but you can thrift that too!) If you're here in AZ you can save even more signing up for the monthly 20% off coupon or shopping their 50% off Super Saturday Sales. Clubs can be $1 - $4 and a bag of balls can $1 or $2 - plus your extra discount.

Reminder: If painting Twister dots to grass, use water-base paint.

With Summertime just around the corner, and kiddos out from school (already out today here in AZ!) these can help keep them occupied, active and close to home :) What are some outdoor games you've created or enjoying playing?

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  1. So fun!
    Hard to get the kids outdoors in NOLA and in AZ when it is so hot, unless they are in the pool.
    But maybe making these projects and then playing the games would do the trick!
    xo xo



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