Last week I mentioned that I've been hitting my local Goodwill stores on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays because (IMO) the weekend donations have been processed and hit the floor to replenish it after it has been shopped from the weekend. And Fridays because the floor is sure to be full for weekend shoppers - PLUS: since Goodwill AZ has these Super Saturday 50% sales, it's good to "know before you go" to those Saturday sales especially IF you're looking for something specific as I have. I've been looking for an open back bookcase to use as an eteger in our garden room.

S P O T T E D !
Again: walked around store contemplating purchase.
Measured it (69"H x 30" W x 15" D) to see if it would fit in the truck. Walked out to truck to drop seats and measure before coming back in to buy.

Fits! and wrapped glass shelves in a blanket. 

This past Tuesday once again proved once again to be a great day to shop my local Goodwill (in Chandler at 87 & the 202). Since yesterday was May 1, I had received my May Goodwill 20% off coupon I signed up for through email, so I saved an additional $5 off! The added bonus: this piece came apart to better fit into my little truck. The glass shelves I wrapped up in the blanket I keep in the truck just for this reason (to help prevent glass breakage), The only downside: the yellowish & dated brass - Nothing a quick spray paint project couldn't handle :)

Paint tip: paint upside down first to ensure full coverage.

In another space, this one piece can become two.
Love it even more!

When I got it home, I set it up out back to paint. My gold of choice the past year has been Rustoleum's Antiqued Gold - it's a darker, more brownish gold. But after spraying one section of the unit, I wasn't liking the way it looked. To me, it was starting to look cheap - like painted pipe furniture - and I didn't like it. What I wasn't liking was how flat it looked: it needed texture.

Flat finish vs. textured.

Sandpaper added texture.
And old brush removed the shavings.

To give it some texture, I tried something and I LIKED IT! I took some 60 grade sand paper, and added some streak marks to the paint. By doing this, the texture came from allowing some of the shine of the yellow gold come through the paint flat brownish gold - LOVE it! It was just the right amount of texture the piece needed. After dusting it off with an old brush, I sprayed it with a satin finish clear coat. I tried Valspar and iIHATE the new nozzle - I don't recommend it. It's hard to hold, hand hurts after spraying and doesn't fit the spray handle I regularly use for even coats).

Tomorrow I'll share how this piece helped to transform a small room we have into our garden room - a cool retreat I've made for us similar to our patio we use to have in Florida, but it's too hot to have at this house here in Arizona - all made from thrift, paint and a few old existing pieces used in new ways.

Thank you Goodwill AZ!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great find and great finish job! Congrats!

  2. Sometimes the stuff is there & sometimes not. The GW in my area has been a little lax lately. Won't give up though. Tuesday is senior day for me. Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looking forward to seeing this piece all finished and prettied up. I'm in Florida and the snowbirds pretty much take all the good stuff at GW but after they've been gone for a month or 2 it will get better again.

    Robin Flies South

  4. Awesome! Heading over to see where it's at now! :)



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