One of my favorite stores I would frequently visit back in Florida was Z Gallerie. I love their execution of bold color blocked statements used for impact & clarity in their visual merchandising presentation. In Florida, they have eight locations - I'd regularly visit three. Here in AZ, there are four stores total in the state. The closest Z Gallerie to me is located in an outdoor shopping area called The Village Square at Dana Park. Dana Park is filled with several great shops like White House | Black Market, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor Loft, Barnes & Nobel, an Apple store and Z Gallerie. Z Gallerie was recently running a Pin A Room Contest at Pinterest, and before it ended (May 14) I had wanted to check out their Summer set. I don't know if their location dictates their merchandise assortment - but I'd imagine it's more centralized buying. With the summer trend in home being a mix of more white & black plus neutrals, I did notice more neutrals merchandise vs. the vibrant & saturated color stories I'd see in Florida. Here is what I saw...

My fave color story in the store was the Indigo Blues. It was set at the back of the store, which tells me it will be shifting to the front shortly. Another indication of the Indigo Blue being the next set for summer because it is featured on Z Gallerie's site landing page...

For Z Gallerie - I really like this refreshed color addition, especially here in AZ, where most architecture & interiors are done in desert neutrals.

Taupe & grey neutrals featured at the entrance focal point... And speaking of entrance - I love the use of the outdoor drapes ZG uses in the arched entrance. What a grand & elegant store facade!

1652 S. Val Vista - Bldg. 7 #108
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 633-7770

Have you been to Z Gallerie lately? What have you seen?

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  1. We have a ZGallerie right down the street here in Houston. I am addicted to that store and usually have to be pulled out kicking and screaming (well at least screaming)! Thanks to your bad influence of this posting, I will be going back very soon. :)

  2. Ughhhh I didn't even know they had an actual store, so jealous. Thank you for showing me that!



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