One of the great advantages to living here in Arizona is exploring & supporting the local Farmers Markets. This past weekend, I visited a local market that is literally in our back yard: Power Road Farmers Market. I needed to make a run to pick up some ingredients for our little Cinco de Mayo celebration we did here Saturday night, so I thought I'd try them out. Compared to the local grocery store, they were pretty reasonable priced - and better yet: they had owners + associates giving welcoming customer service. The owner is actually from Wisconsin! Although it was dark inside the space (too hot here to be set outdoors), here are a few pics from the spread I made with several products from the Power Road Farmers Market...

4011 S. Power Road Mesa, AZ 85212 
(480) 497-0706
Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 9 AM - 4 PM

Arizona grown limes for margaritas and AZ salsa for chips!

Arizona Made seasonings (2 for $3). Jeff used them to season chicken breasts he grilled to make burritos and also to season some ground beef for tacos.The hot seasonings just pop on my blue plates (from HomeGoods).

Local farmers market finds: Jalapeno Peppers, Arizona Salsa and Limes.
The market owner said the peppers are really good filled with cream cheese and rolled with bacon - Might have to try that!

Ikat plates worked great to add a layer of fun pattern to our southwestern celebration!
The taco shells were from Sprouts, and I did a Chipolte tortilla from my burrito half.

Organic + handmade tortilla chips, taco shells, and shredded cheeses from another local whole foods market here called Sprouts.

The shells are souvenirs from a trip to Key Largo last year with me girlfriend Rebeca.

The shells came in handy to use as bowls to separate the mild salsa from the HOT :)
Funny thing is, with all the glasses we have, they are mostly for wine. I didn't have any margarita glasses so I shopped around for some Friday afternoon.

I spotted two margarita glasses (at $2 ea) and a great Mexican blanket to use as a table cover for only $4. I really like the colors in the blanket: black, white, brown and BLUE. The blue is a great add to all the desert neutrals around here.

I wish I would have found Mexican blue glasses, but these in green did the trick! The blue is just something to look for in the future. I also like that this Mexican print / textile is neutral enough to work into our decor, without it being too loud like the colors of a piƱata.

I added my little succulent garden to the table (in an also thrifted container) + my California grapewood (I got from HomeGoods last year) and a (thrift) bamboo basket to hold the package of tortillas I also picked up at the Power Road Farmers Market.

The margaritas were super simple to make:
1 can of Minute Made frozen Limeade
3 refill cans of water + 1 refill cans of tequila
1/3 can of triple Sec
Ice, all mixed in a blender + added in fresh sliced limes and topped with lime rind.
It was a mild mixture, I'm sure you could make stronger to taste if necessary.

My HomeGoods pitcher came in handy for mixing margaritas. Since the move, we've broken three (bamboo) cutting boards - and I really liked the stripes on this board + the pattern in the bowl I spotted at a local thrift shop here in AZ called Savers...

Furniture, decor and clothes aren't the only pieces to thrift for -  Kitchen thrift pieces can be another great savings to score!

Hope you had a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

And if you're here in Arizona, be sure to check out

4011 S. Power Road Mesa, AZ 85212 
(480) 497-0706
Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 9 AM - 4 PM

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  1. So fun, Lynda! I think we had Chinese that night. Bad, huh? But - this is inspiring and I think we can celebrate Doce de Mayo to make up for it, right? ;)



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