Wow. It's hard to believe, but six months ago yesterday, the moving rig with our Florida haul pulled up here to our new place in Arizona! A lot has happened since moving out here - sometimes I wish more happened, but some things just take time. One of the things that has taken some time is getting adjusted to our new surroundings. It's quite different living here in the desert vs. the tropics of South Florida.  For example lightening storms here come without rain and cause fires, where in Florida they can come with too much rain, and cause floods. Another change has been dealing with the DUST. Although the air in the evening or morning may be crisp vs. the humidity in Florida, it is also filled with a LOT of dust.

It's starting to get super hot here, actually hotter temps than Florida, but without the humidity, and it really hasn't bothered us. I like it - I'm Leo - a sun sign - so I love the warmth of the sun :) But the one thing we both terribly miss is the BEACH and seeing water. So this weekend, for another anniversary (our fifth year wedding anniversary) we're taking a drive over to San Diego for a few days! After the past six months - Jeff adjusting to his new position at JCP + all the company changes and me getting to know my way around here + transforming our rental into a home... we BOTH very much need the break!! Here's a little tour... well maybe not so little... but a tour of the transformations (minus the holiday installment!! lol) from our move here to Arizona...




When we first arrived, the round mirror worked great behind the sofa... but it got a little blah after a while. Creating the NYC focal point not only gave a place to hang all these prints, but it started to tell more the story of us...

I switched out the NYC focal point for a cleaner look for summer... They have now made their way downstairs to Jeff's office (back where they were in FL).

The two horse prints in corner I'm switching for two B&W prints of AZ I found in a calendar I had. The one white horse I'm re-framing to put over the black bookcases next to dining area. the bookcase will have pics of us in Georgia (with horses!)

The links mirror was above the buffet in our entry in Florida. It worked above the wall unit for a while, but it now works even better in the bedroom above the dresser...

Refreshing the gold round mirror with stripes gave it a $0 update.

The box was the Christmas tree.

When Jeff surprised me one day with the cow skull I was thrilled!
I had put one one the roomboard I did before we moved out here. I wanted a "piece" of AZ in our home without it screaming SW or Tired Tuscan....

The thrifted X back chairs were a great little rustic add to the mix...

When we came in, the first thing we did was remove the wall paper back-splash and paint the space grey. Eventually, the track switched as well as the chandy for a simple drum shade (from CB2). We've never had an island before. It's actually become quite handy. Some of the wood pieces and baskets I've picked up at Goodwill are helping to relate the cherry wood cabinets as well as warm the grey.

Love that little pedestal table - Another Goodwill score here in AZ!
Great find at only $9.99!

The entry is tiny, so I doubled up mirrors on one side, and used the floating shelves (not shown - but were in stairway in FL) on the other. The floating shelves gave a space for a seasonal rotating entry statement.

I wanted to get a jute or sisal rug for the living room, but it's too expensive for right now. This small oval rug was only $12 at HomeGoods and gives that natural hint of texture to the small space.

More freeby frames made for a great ocean quad downstairs, and also relates to the bathroom decor around the corner...

Sephora :)

Covering that awkward window and adding the floating shelves in here + hardware to the door & some paint did wonders to this small bathroom.

The small laundry room has functionality too. While I was in FL, and Jeff was here in AZ, I found this (almost) new W/D set online for only $350. We added hardware (from our FL kitchen I had saved) and I spotted these great baskets at HomeGoods to add concealed storage (foot bath for pedicure in one and beach towels (ha!) in the others) Behind the door, the wall WAS red - We painted it a medium grey. I'm getting either MDF or molding to add to the wall for hooks (re-purposing dresser drawer pulls) so I can have some hang space in here to dry clothes. Will post shortly...

Third floor is SUPER-DUPER hot right now, unless we run the separate AC unit that is up there. When Jeff gets the replacement part for the TV we had to replace in the LR, that TV will come up here.

It was a small thing, but it made a huge difference: switching the existing hardware for this oval knobs. We gained an inch, and that has saved my hips from bruising! 

We never quite understood this wall finish...
But one color in one afternoon + reusing outdoor pieces inside with some plants + another Goodwill score here (the brass bookcase) helped create a garden room. It's been a great place to stretch & do some weights. Eventually, we may add a tv here (to replace the other TV the movers broke).

Would you believe, there are still 2 more spaces (not counting outside)? One is the guest room, but need to get a futon or daybed... and Jeff's (man-cave) office which is next on the list to get done. He doesn't read my posts so I can share with you - I'm re-purposing something of his he's had since he was 11 yrs old - I hope it fits and I hope it works (fingers crossed!). In between the transformations, I've been donating what we know we're not going to use again here. And thrifting for some natural or rustic items to mix in with our existing pieces has been a huge help in the transformation. Not just because it's on trend or in style, but because it's more indicative to our location and even more casual lifestyle here in Arizona.. I'll post and share more details later on... 

Right now I need to start packing :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow, you have done an amazing job. Your home looks so beautiful and inviting.

  2. Your spaces are absolutely beautiful! So happy to see I'm not the only one who puts post-it's on the walls! I love the blue gray color you chose and how it carries throughout! Amazing transformation!

  3. Wonderful post Lynda! Am such an admirer of your black and white glamour.


  4. The transformation is incredible, Lynda...or rather your 'ongoing' transformations! Every room is so sophisticated & stylish - you've really turned your house into a beautiful home. You'd never know that you've only been there 6 months!
    Enjoy your vacation!!

  5. I totally understand! We just moved from Charleston, SC to Minnesota. I am missing the beach and warmth so much. I hope I can make our new home as warm and cozy as you have made your new home!

  6. I wish I had "the Knack." Your ability to mix color and textures and accessorize is amazing. Your home is stunning. Enjoyed every picture.

  7. WOW! You are one talented woman. Absolutely LOVE everying you have done to your home. Makes me want to throw everything out that I have and start over.

  8. Love it! It amazes me that you have done so much in such a short time! Makes me feel bqd for not having one completed room in my home....and we have been here just over five years!!! Ha!

    I have been a fan of your designs since I found your Cash Cab posts on RMS. It even inspired me to do something similar in my home. Plus I lived in Pembroke Pines for a while, and loved seeing the snippets of South Florida in some of your pics :)

    Enjoy San Diego. If you have time, hit the Zoo and visit the seals in La Jolla. Such a beautiful place!!!

  9. I moved from Orlando to Texas and the heat was crazy last summer and I so miss the water like you. Good for you and your hubby for getting away and celebrating your anniversary. I so wish you were my neighbor to give me some pointers. Thank you for sharing your photos you are so talented and have given me some good ideas. happy friday -Monica

  10. Hi Lynda, I just found your blog and must say your home is GORGEOUS! I love every single detail and I am now following you.

  11. Excellent job! I've never had the guts to do wall collages! You've done yours very well! All your rooms look dynamite!
    I loved your comparisons about Florida and Arizona's different weather and climate! Sounds pretty interesting- especially coming from a Michigan girl's point of view!

  12. Your home is beautiful - I'm amazed how much you've been able to do with a rental. And your sense of composition is truly fantastic.

    One note: I believe above you meant to say "Voila" (vwah-LAH), a French word that literally means "see there." (See It's from the French voir (to see) and la (there). It's often borrowed in English, and I think a lot of Americans don't realize it's a foreign word, so they try to spell it as if it were English. I always figure it makes us look better to our neighbors across the pond if we show that we are comfortable with a few of their words!

  13. SO MUCH lovely in your room design... I just love the way you layer pattern and texture and accessories! I never understood when people say you should only have a single focal point or 'wow' factor in a room - I want to be visually stimulated, I want to go into a room and not know where to look for so much gorgeousness. You've done this in spades!! Amazing and truly inspiring xxx

    PS I came here via Pinterest and found so much more to pin :)

  14. Wow - beautiful home you have set up! I also live in Arizona however, my house does NOT look like your's! :)

  15. I LOVE your home!! I also love the shade of grey you painted your living room - any chance you'd share that shade with me?

  16. I would also love to know the name of the grey you used! It is fabulous!!

  17. You are AMAZING I have been following the room changes but missed the bedroom post. I will go back and find it. I love your bedding I have never seen anything like those sheets love it!!

  18. Just found your blog through Pinterest and I'm in love with your work! I live in Orlando but would like to know if I can get some ideas for a room renovation I'm doing on my family room - do you do that?

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  20. Beautiful space!!!!

    Whitney of Whitney J Decor

  21. I love your kind of living so much!
    I have added on picture from this post on my blog:
    I hope, this is okay for you! A backlink is included.
    The best picture wall ever!

    Greetings & Love

  22. Your spaces really are so beautiful! I'd love to see posts about your thought process when decorating a house/room from scratch. We're moving in a month and info like this would be so helpful to me! Thank you for your great blog, and keep up the good work!



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