A different type of gallery wall: Frames Wallpaper

While out touring some local shops last week, I visited a great little recently opened shop called Design Lab (more about them later). While visiting the store, I spoke with a very pleasant associate (Jeanie) who was dressed with a white lab coat. I asked if I could take photos of the shop to blog about it  - and she not only said yes, but she eagerly showed me a hidden gem in the shop: The WC (water closet - aka bathroom). Why would she be showing me the bathroom with such pride? It was to share the decor in the space: Black & White Frames Wallpaper highlighting miniature icon chair designs. (loved it!) I snapped a few pics, but forgot to ask about the brand of wallpaper. While on Olioboard this week, I stumbled across a source for the paper: Layla Grayce. Here is the product name + link: Taylor & Wood Frames Black & White Wallpaper. 

Layla & Grace

As for the miniature chairs, I remembered seeing them at DWR and they are still available: DWR The Miniature Collection. There are also a few other sites who specialize in miniature icon furniture... and even a blog featuring a movement. They also have miniature mid-century dollhouses (This just blew away my Barbie dream house - with its yellow elevator & plastic orange sofa & chairs!

DWr - Design Within Reach

 Bennett dollhouse

White Mid Century Chairs 
(only $14.99 ea)

The wallpaper need not only be to feature a collection of mini mid-century madness - it can be used in a multitude of ways to feature or highlight your own favorite collectibles to create a wall gallery unique to your style & story. Another adorable way to use this wallpaper to create a gallery is to highlight the artwork of your future little Picasso - or let them create their own gallery right on the wall...

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using products from Wayfair...

by Kate Sessoms (aka Dabble in Chic) 
"So happy to create a little design inspired by my little girl "Dablet"! Finds from some of my favorite brands, and Etsy stores!" 
by Olivia Millwood (aka SWAYGRL and NicheByDesign)
Inspired by a day at the beach!

(by me NYCLQ)
Surrounded with numbers, architects compass lamp, green and some sustainable pieces, this nursery is set for a future green building architect! Mom & dad can rest comfortably in a pair of printed club chairs + put up their feet on the ottoman. Sconces at the changing table give enough light for the changing task, while baskets & a concealed amoire help organize the rooms necessities.

(by me - NYCLQ)
Sisters (or brothers) can sleep, play, and learn in the fun colors of the Kids Color Zone. Low open storage shelving lines the back wall below the focal point alphabet mural. Bunk beds help utilize the space for one of the three activities: sleep. Moms glider/rocker from the previous nursery has a modern style that transitioned into this growing space. A simple dining table gives plenty of space to spread out activities, play games, or do homework, while a play zone is still available near the window in the room.

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