Storage Solution: Entry Hooks Help Create Space

We have a small laundry space here in our rental. We also frequently pass thru the laundry room to come in and out of the house. I needed a space to hang some clothing for drying, but I also wanted to create a functional second entry for us. Adding hooks was the answer, however, both doors in and out of the laundry space open INTO the space (covering the wall). Since traditional coat hooks would have stuck out too much and hit the doors as they swung back, I opted for knobs as hooks. Having these hooks helped with two functions for the space:

1. A Place to hang quick summertime accessories:
a. a denim jacket for eves or the movies
b. wraps to throw in bag on the way out. Wraps are great to have in summer. (Great to keep sun off shoulders outside + keeps AC chill off while inside stores).
c. an extra straw tote
d. a hat to keep the desert sun off my head and a small mirror I picked up at Goodwill. (Good to check lipstick before going out the door.)
2. Just as they are: Laundry Room Hooks
A quick & convenient place to hang dry some laundered items like maxi skirts + dresses and tunic tube and tank tops.

A little stain and some sand paper to the edges
helped give some new wood an old look.

Jeff pre-drilled the holes for the hooks
as well as the holes for the screws to anchor the board to wall.

The laundry room wall before was RED.
Reusing some of the existing grey paint we had, it was easy to paint over & create the continuous flow in our home - even with it being a rental.

Repurpose something unique like outdoor faucet handles,
spotted on Pinterest. Anthropology also has a great selection of knobs to choose from. but to save a little more, also check out Marshalls Home Goods

Found this pic on Pinterest today... The space is the same size and basic set up as ours, but my doors open in and block this POV (point of view).

This is another great look with hooks for an entry

DIY Project Materials:
~ Board from Lowe's (under $10) or recycle with an old timber or architectural molding.
~ Recycled knobs from our Florida Kitchen makeover (I saved when I switched to cup pulls) came in handy now.
~ Jacobean Wood Stain + Chip brush + Sandpaper (already had.)
~ Drill + screws: Anchor board to studs (already had)

TOTAL COST: Under $10 - just for the board

Set knobs 1/3 up board. To make screws flush to board, counter sink. Would like to personalize with letters or numbers later (when / if I find) plus add framed pics above (local shots of our new area here in AZ). I've been collecting a few shots while out on a morning bike ride that I'm sure will work fine.

I'm sure this will come in handy in the winter again so Jeff doesn't have to bring his leather jacket & scarf upstairs everyday... Although it's been so HOT here in AZ, I'm sure he kinda forgot what the winter cold is like :)

Got a space being under-utilized or
a quirky space in a rental you want to redo?

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Love the knob idea...much classier than typical hooks! Great job!



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