Over the weekend, I ventured back to Sweet Salvage to see this months event: "Let Them Eat Cake!" Sweet Salvage is a unique home furnishings + gifts shop: it's only open 4 days monthly, and by having a limited opening, Sweet Salvage can offer their customers a fresh "theme" of merchandise each month. Yes, big-box retailers often re-set their stores monthly, but they are open all the days in between and sometimes, that can just give a shop-worn appearance to the store. This limited opening helps to create hype and excitement - something for us locals to look forward to and enjoy. Sweet Salvage engages people on their Facebook page to name the theme, and then they create the curated vignettes for it. For example, this months theme was "Let Them Eat Cake!" - a theme set with romance &  sweets to celebrate their one year since opening.  I did inquire about helping to set the store events, but I was told their 'vignettes are created by the designers & dealers of Sweet Salvage.'  

 The building at one time was actually an auto body shop. Be sure to read the Story of Sweet Salvage on their blog, plus visit them to see the slides from the previous curated shops. Although they had opened on Thursday (with a much larger inventory + crowd!!), here are some details from my tour on Saturday...


Stylish studs!

GREAT on trend trunks!

LOVED this red dress!

Although I don't live with this style in my own home, I still very much appreciate the style + the stories behind the style. Sarah had spoken with the SteamPunk dealer and learned about the ways the merge & upcycle old pieces into new furnishings. I did actually pick up a vintage level... that reminded me of my dad :) 
(I just need to take a picture of it in sunlight to post)

4648 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013
602 - 279 - 2996

The next Sweet Salvage event is on
 Thursday - September 20 thru Sunday - September 23

Also on Saturday, I had also met up Sarah at Sweet Salvage (she is one of the girls I met to go thrifting with a two weeks ago.) I'm currently organizing another meet-up (on September 20), but I'd like for even more local thrift & vintage enthusiasts to join me, Sarah and Lisa. Back in Florida, I use to do a regular post called "Thrifty Thursday", and I want to carry over that theme to a Third Thursday Thrift & Meet Up. Since Sweet Salvage also launches their shop on the third Thursday each month, I think this could be a great place for us all to meet up at & check out... Then do what me and Sarah did Saturday: Check out other local vintage or thrift shops in the area.
To take the meet up a step further, I'm creating a Group Pinboard for us to share our finds, plus tweet those finds as (hashtag) #FridayFinds. Since we all also have our own social networks, it can be another way for others outside our area to also join in on Twitter or the group Pinboard. For example, Kate of Dabble In Chic will be visiting Arizona in October and we're going thrifting, but she can also share her finds from her local area in North Carolina when she gets back. It's just another way we can all connect & share ideas plus creative points of view of this thrift & vintage movement.
If you too are ever visiting the Phoenix area (or already live here) and you'd like to meet up, just let me know at
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. What a wonderful concept and thanks for sharing. Wish I was in your neck of the woods but I am on the wrong coast to meet up!

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