Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! These Monday Moodboards are all about a color growing in popularity this fall: PURPLE. Purple is blended from opposing colors (red & blue) and it encompasses vast differentiations in its' hues. When purple is used in darker tones, it causes objects or environments to appear to recede. Purple may also evoke delicacy and richness or to some, it can appear unsettling. From shades of amethyst and aubergine to lilac, lavender and into magenta, shades of purple will be (and already are in the Olympics!) popping up into home furnishings and accessories plus also wardrobe options and wedding selections...

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Last month was my 2 year anniversary since joining Olioboard. Ironically, my first board I created on their site was with purple...

I think I've had a passion for purple since I was little. Most girls like pink. I think my passion for purple came from my Godmother, my aunt Lily. When I would visit with her on the weekends (and she'd bring me to New York City) I loved to play dress-up with her shoes and jewelry. My favorite pieces from her jewelry were amethyst. For more purple pinspirations, be sure to also visit my Purple Pinboard on Pinterest....

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  1. I also love purple/aubergine. What an inspiring post. Thanks for sharing friend.



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