New Friends & Finds Thrifting in AZ!

I had a great time at the meet up the other day! It was probably my first time thrifting with others - I usually go solo (and so do they) but we had fun being a "bad influence" to one another (hee hee). As our stash of finds grew, we found it necessary to get little rolling carts for our finds, plus the larger and heavier piece were held up at the register. If one of us spotted something the other may have missed, we'd point it out, and usually one of us went for it! We ended up with QUITE the haul!

I'm just joking!! This was NOT our haul... But I did snap this pic at a GW in Chandler. The guy needed a ladder to load his new finds!! CRAZY thrifting! Here's some finds and shots from our thrift meet up the other day...

Vintage Georges Briard leather-like & stainless ice bucket $5
(after cleaning-up, I just might resell this along with a vintage mcm chair)

Gorham + Reed & Barton silver serving pieces...
(plus two brass pieces I'd like to make into sconces)
from $3-$5

Glass Martini Pitcher + Stirrer $5

Lisa got some new shots to include in her blog, The Goodwill Gal along with some tips to share with her readers. For example, if you've been with me a while, you'll remember my cookie sheets I use as a tray for painting projects - Goodwill is a great place to source these for next to nothing. Lisa also picked up a great serving piece she'll be able to use for a upcoming get-together she's hosting at her home. And she also shared with us some of the ways she saves money shopping thrift, not only for home decor, but for kids clothing and hockey equipment too!

 Sarah's thrift tip: It's so easy it is to rewire an old lamp with a wire kit from the hardware store - With a simple knot and an updated shade, it can be as good as new. I need to try this! Sarah also mentioned there is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore not too far away from me (in Mesa) to check out. Great! Because I used to visit them in Ft. Lauderdale too!

After thrifting, we had worked up an appetite, so Lisa treated us to lunch at De Falcos - An Italian Deli / Market (reminded me of NY and tasted like New Jersey! LOVED it!) We agreed - We need to meet up again for this type of thrifty day! I'm recruiting Kate of Dabble in Chic to join us in October when she comes out to AZ for a visit!

Visit these two lovely ladies at their blog:
Lisa Lopez Gylling - The Goodwill Gal (left)
Sarah Elizabeth Bradburn - Sarah Elizabeth Interior Design Phoenix (right)

Sarah picked up a great lamp in pretty shades of green & taupe plus a set of 4 framed bird / botanical prints. I was hunting for a bar cart + barware. I didn't find the bar cart, but I did spot the glass martini pitcher & stirrer, and several silver serving pieces. Sarah & I spotted the GREAT mid-century modern style ice bucket too. And I also spotted two woven pieces I couldn't pass up: a small foot stool + one more sifting basket with a great pattern for wall decor...

Love the pattern on this sifting basket.
Great for wall decor + texture.

Rattan footstool $6

In spite of the HEAT - a ridiculous 106 before 10AM to 117 by 4:20, and even up to 122 by 5, it was a good thrift day!

My mini haul...

 (I keep hearing the Sanford & Son theme every time I see this picture!!)

Not quite the same as a haul I saw on that Saturday in Chandler, 
but a good haul for all none-the-less + a GREAT meet up in Scottsdale!
Be sure to visit both Sarah and Lisa at their blogs (links under their picture above) and "Like" their page over on Facebook:


(gently used & new home goods & furniture)
2115 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
(480) 425-8062

Happy Thrifting!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. "Sanford and Son"! That's exactly what that truck looks like! Funny! Great recap of such a fun day. Can't wait to do it again!

  2. All 3 of you lovely ladies need to join us at WithIt. Lynda, I know Leslie Carrothers and I have told you about it in the past, but the Western region is heating up (pardon the pun, given your heat index!) and we'd love to have you ladies who are already LEADERS in your fields to join us. See or on Facebook page WithIt. Supporting and supported by women's leadership in the home industries!

  3. I CANNOT WAIT to come out in October and be apart of a repeat of this extravaganza! I might be shipping several boxes home with finds from AZ because it certainly looks like you have lots to choose from!



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