Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. While Jeff enjoyed golfing on his 3 day weekend, I enjoyed doing some more exploring, getting to know our new area, plus a meet up with one of the girls I went thrifting with last week. Along with sourcing new shops in the area, I've also been clocking mileage and time. Speaking of time, yesterday was the birthday of a lady who pioneered a timeless style: Coco Chanel. Probably my favorite key legendary combination from Chanel is the pairing of black & gold... the color inspiration behind this weeks Moodboard Monday. Black and Gold was a strong color pairing back in the 80's and is notably making a strong comeback this year in both Fashion + Decor...

BLACK & GOLD Moodboard 
Inspirations merging Fashion + Decor
Note the deco pattern in the gown (to the left) relates to the plate pattern and the gold heel of the shoes. The black & gold Greek Key bowl relates to the fretwork gold screen. The black white and gold globe light fixture relates to the b& w pattern in the black & gold space. The sophisticated & sleek black & gold gown relates to the the simple sconce and the gold chain floor lamp relates to the black & gold drum shade chandy.

BLACK + GOLD + WHITE Room-board
Chanel-esque inspired salon for couture fittings - merging Chanel core inspired pieces: 
pearl colored walls, plus black & gold accents.

BLACK + GOLD + PEARLS Style-board 

When I pull together a look, for a room, a home, or a display I try not to take an inspiration too  literally. I believe a stronger impact can be to infer the inspiration vs. being literal because it helps to prevent a "themed" look. For example tufted upholsterer can refer to the quilting of a Chanel hand bag and gold oval back chairs in a cream fabric can refer to pearls. 

Some other black & gold Chanel inspirations...

I am OBSESSED with this chandelier...
It's gorgeous and it should be at $13,800+
 (thank goodness for Pinterest where pretty inspirations like this can live)

More spaces in black & gold...

Clean & Contemporary black & gold office.

Love this Ralph Lauren space set in a Chanel style inspired mood...

For more inspirations in black & gold plus also Chanel see:


More meet-ups are planned this week along with 
a few collaborations with others I'll be sure to share.
Have a great week!

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