Some of my fondest memories I have of fall are taking walks with my mom (usually just a few blocks up to the mailbox or neighboring park) crunching and kicking leaves around as we walked hand in hand. I also loved falling into leaf piles with neighborhood friends after my dad raked the yard, and have had a few acorns fights (I was a bit of a tomboy at times). Now I not only miss those times, but I miss the serious change in weather and the beautiful leaf colors. A few years back, I had visited my Godmother up in Jersey during the month of November. I can remember not being able to breathe in deep enough - the smell of wet leaves after a cool autumn rain...

This week I unpacked my Fall decor I had stored in the garage. Since we were moving during Halloween & Fall last year, I had donated some pieces before we moved. I was able to find a few pieces thru thrift, and I'll be working on getting some of it displayed this weekend. I already cleared and cleaned the front stoop which after the dust storms we experienced here in the summer was disgusting. Not gardening out front like I did in Florida is another adjustment I've had to make in this new area, climate & lifestyle. I'm SO looking forward to getting OFF this damn computer and getting creative with my hands again. Physical problem solving, lifting, moving, "making something out of nothing" is where I believe my true strength in creativity lies. I did it DAILY for YEARS (in heals!!) and having converted to flat sandals and a chair has been like a death to me....

I think this year instead of jumping into the warm tones of reds and orange first, I'm going with more of the rustic greys, golds, browns and black. After Halloween, for Thanksgiving I think I'll layer in more reds and oranges like the spicy colors in  "Pumpkin Patch" created by Color Specialist Donna Frasca of Charlotte.

I'd also like to get to some more outdoor art shows, have a fall picnic and 
finally get back to biking...

What do you like about Fall? Is it the change in the temperature in the weather? Is it all the beautiful colors in the fall foliage? Is it reflecting back on childhood memories? Is it looking forward to all the family gatherings coming up just around the corner? Is it just simply a beautiful and creative means of expressing your creativity while decorating your home? or is it a combination of all of these?

Welcome fall and 
thanks for stopping by!

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  1. We call fall /Autumn in England & its my favourite season, I love the warm orange & brown colour pallettes, i love harvest festival, Halloween, firworks night & it also happens to be my birthday too



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