Happy Halloween!

Best wishes to you, your children, your friends, and your family for a Happy Halloween! Unfortunately, storm Sandy may have made it not too safe for the little ones to be outside to go trick or treating back east - In New Jersey, Governor Christie has officially postponed Halloween until November 5. In New York, the Greenwich Village Halloween Costume Parade has been cancelled. Curfews in severely damaged areas continue. Newark New Jersey Mayor, Cory Booker shared this thought: "Battered but not beaten. Without power but not powerless. We stand strong. We stand together. We will persevere." No matter where you are or when you celebrate it, have fun but please stay safe.

 I have been off-line from blogging the past few days because I'm recovering from some oral surgery I had. I'm looking forward to handing out candy to-nite, and see all the cute costumes. I won't be able to chew on chocolates, so I'll be relying on a chocolate shake or ice cream later on to-nite :)

 Thanks for stopping by...
Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!


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