Thrifty Halloween DIY Owl Wall Art Under $6

Recently while at my local Salvation Army thrift store, I picked up two simple gold oval frames. At the time, I didn't know exactly what I'd put in them, but at $1.99 each, I thought for sure I'd find something. While at the Dollar Store picking up some moss for the Harvest Entry, it hit me: Owls. I had spotted packages of bat and owl silhouettes ($1 for 15), so I went ahead and picked them up. I already had some graphic printed scrapbook papers and also a cool printed wrapping paper (also from thrift for .50) so this easy DIY owl wall art project would be under $6.

After cleaning the glass and frame, I cut two ovals of the printed wrapping paper. It could work, but I was looking for a little more color, so I opted for the textured orange paper. To make the owls eyes POP a little more (and be a little more spooky!) I added scrap white paper behind the eye cutouts. Although I did try the two new Halloween additions at my (faux) mantel, it was looking too crowded. Since we have another stairway landing, visible from the living room, I tried them in there. The pop of orange is just what the space needed...

Trying different papers...

Thrifted oval frames - $1.99 each

Display Tip: Can't stress enough, the importance of taking a step back. If something doesn't look or feel right - trust your instincts and move it.

The "BEWARE" letters are actually a door hanger I picked up at ZGallerie about 3 years ago. To attach to the mirror, I just hot glued the "B" :) 

Other options for the paper can be book pages, newspaper, or crumbled brown paper. Some other DIY Halloween Wall art I've made was printing images from Hitchcock movies and place into thrifted frames. I've also printed Hitchcock movie images along with tree & bird silhouettes onto brown confetti paper, burned the edges, and spray mounted to thrifted wood plaques...

Thrifted wood plaques - Goodwill Miami 2010

Think of old things in new ways...

 Thrifty DIY Halloween Decor: Print, burn, paste...

More thrifty Halloween Decor - Goodwill Miami 2010
Frames .50 + had paper and found images on Google (now find on Pinterest!)

So rather than just running out to a party store to buy the latest decor trend, for example skulls, birds and now owls, you can easily make your own - within an hour and for under $6. And because they're created from more everyday-like items, you can keep them and reuse them in your Halloween decor for years to come...

The brass sconce is also from Goodwill...

To glam up the sconce a bit, last year at Christmas I picked up some crystal teardrops from Target (tree ornaments) and wired them to the sconce. For the black candles, I didn't have enough, so I just painted some I had - flat black (Tip: Let dry well!!)

 Have a spooktacular time decorating for Halloween!
I had to skip Halloween last year - so I'm having a little fun to make up for it now! I'll be posting a little tour of what I did here this year next!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I always enjoy your creative thrifty take on seasonal decorating -- so much inspiration here.

  2. Thanks Scribbler!!
    I enjoy (and miss) doing it!! xo
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The DIY framed owl is the perfect accent! Thanks so much for sharing. You're always such an inspiration, Lynda!

  4. So many great ideas!! I have several small orange pumpkin candles and never knew you could paint a candle...I will be trying to turn them white to use them thru Thanksgiving. Then the crystals for added bling...I will be looking for those now for my light fixtures.

  5. I love it all, especially the owl frames. Great job!

  6. Love this idea! I'll be more careful at GW and SA next trip into town to look for frames. I love ovals anyway. I really like the orange paper... kinda reminds me of a basketball texture ;-) Plus, I didn't realize you could mod podge over old mod podged plaques, so that's another thing I'll be sure to pick up. I like having my wood already cut and routered.



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