Fall Decor: Tips For halloween Decorating

Besides Christmas, Spring, and Fall, another favorite time to decorate is Halloween! Like any other holiday, sometimes it can get over done. I'm not one to cover every surface in our home with a vignette, but I do like to create focal points to get the feel of the season. Since we now have an outside stoop, I was able to re-use a lot more of my decor in our outside entry, which fits in well with my neighborhood (people LOVE to decorate for Halloween around here!!) And since we have a smaller entry inside (smaller than the dining space + buffet for vignettes I had in Florida) I've had to come up with clever ways decorate the space. Similar to my Hitchcock Hallway I did two years ago, I utilized the floating shelves to display a Halloween collection of skulls, wine bottles and even a few spooky pics I found through thrift!

Mixing existing decor & more thrift for my
Fall & Halloween decor this year.

A covered bridge framed canvas I picked up at Goodwill AZ
(off Power Road & Baseline)

Owl wall art + more baskets found at Goodwill AZ
during a Saturday 50% off Sale (in the Chandler area)

A pair of mirrored sconces I also found at Goodwill AZ
during a 50% off Saturday Sale (up near Scottsdale) I used these in our Living room

Are you looking for some tips to merge your Fall + Halloween decor this year? Even in a small space like an entry, the creep factor can set the tone for the season or holiday. And you need not run out to the party supply store to create a haunting effect. You may already have some everyday decor to reuse in new ways, or just paint for an easy update. Even looking outdoors from your patio for lanterns or the neighborhood for branches can amp up the scare factor, plus it can also work mixed with existing traditional fall decor like autumn leaves and wreaths. Here are some simple decor tips for you...

The double-stacked mirrors (I got at HomeGoods) now look like one with the gauze draped on them.

Draped gauze over some existing frames & mirrors in the hallway...


1. Flow the space: relate colors or feel from room to room.

2. Skip the bloody gore: save it for a Halloween party.

3. Save on decor: Shop thrift + your own home to use everyday items in scary ways for example: drape gauze on wall art in a stairway or hallway.

4. Another way to save: paint empty wine bottle flat black, and use spooky labels found at the Dollar Store.

5. Switch year-round WHITE candles for BLACK (def adds to the creep factor!!)

6. Keep it simple: Repeat a KEY item in a small space for example: skulls, rats, or wine bottles.

7. Consider your pet in Halloween set: We have a cat, so adding rats works!

Be inspirational without being too themed: Think of a period style, like a tavern or scary movies like Hitchcock!

Jeff had one metal mug and I found this thru thrift for .50...

ReUsed wine bottles with Cats Prowl label...

Planter chains came in handy for a spooky effect...

Inspired by music lyrics...
A rat in a cage (Smashing Pumpkins) re-used patio lantern inside...

Goodwill Top Hats top off the look, inspired by
the Headless Horseman...

Merging Fall + Halloween decor in our entry...

After Halloween, remove the creepiness to re-edit for a welcoming Thanksgiving entry - still set for Fall: Add mirrors or framed photos of autumn scenes. If you missed my Harvest Entry post, you can check out at:


Thanks for stopping by!
Have a spooktacular October & Halloween!



  1. I like the owl photos...I am really into the owl theme this Halloween. I need to get some gauze too! You scored at your Goodwill.

  2. Your fall entry is so welcoming and super creepy Halloween entry is so fun! You are so good at seasonal decorating! I'm including a link back in tomorrow's highlights. ;) Thanks for sharing, Lynda!



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