Seasonal Changes: Decorating for Halloween and Fall

I really enjoy changing the mood of our home for the seasons. I do this by creating seasonal vignettes at focal points in our home. But rather than just running out to a party store to buy the latest Halloween decor trend, for example skulls, birds and now owls, I mix thrift finds + everyday decor and  make a few of my own. Since what I make is created from more everyday-like items, I can keep them and reuse them in my Halloween decor for years to come. Having a display form allows my seasonal decor to merge fashion + decor at home: I dressed one of my forms with a custom skirt (made by friend Jose Vasquez), torn black gauze, strands of pearls and my fave over-sized black flower pin. A feather wreath I picked up at Goodwill for $2 back in February completes the third floor Halloween vignette, reflecting in the leaning mirror on the stairs and visible from the living room. Since it's been too hot here to really use the third floor, I covered the furniture with white sheets so we have a haunted third floor (plus it will keep the desert dust away now that windows are open!) Bats I cut from card-stock (3 years ago) fly in clusters up the stairs from the second to the third floor...

Accessory update inspired by the Crate & Barrel Fall catalog: these urns where white - now I painted them flat black & antique gold...

Dollar store gauze and found branches painted flat black add to the spook factor...

Needed more black candles, so I painted a few of my white ones I already had...

See my post:

Coming down the stairs to the secon floor... The living room, I set my "faux" mantel on our low profile media unit and a few seasonal touches on the shelves...

 Mixing everyday decor items plus Halloween decor to create my "faux" mantel...

Camel throw - perfect for Fall from Goodwill for $3.

 More found branches - the one in the center was actually white and I had previously used for a Christmas tablescape (back in 2009). I refreshed the branch and candle holders by painting them black satin & gloss...

Switching the mirror and removing most white from the living room helped change the mood from Summer to Fall... And this year, I tried a new mix (see my Moodboard Monday: Plaid & Leopard!) I'll be sharing shortly - so stay tuned!

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 Have a spooktacular Fall & Halloween Season and a wonderful weekend!
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  1. You are so talented with finding items and transforming them...I still have a hard time looking at thrift stores and seeing the potential. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  2. I love your Halloween decorations. I usually don't decorate for Halloween, but after seeing your ideas I may give it a try. Thank you for sharing.

  3. You have the best Halloween decorations! I am CRAZY about your owl frames, I have to do that!!! Jane the Snob xo



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