Looking Ahead: Spring 2013 Fashion & Decor

New York, London, Paris and Milan all host Fashion Weeks. These events usually feature trends, colors, and styles looking forward to the next season. Although these shows are primarily focused on the apparel industry, they are also a strong trend indicator to the furniture industry, the home decor industry and interior designers. A master at merging lifestyles such as apparel and home is Ralph Lauren, and going forward, you'll be seeing more and more of this relationship occurring in stores. It's what helps customers in their shopping experience and it helps to set a "lifestyle" brand. 

The Gold Connection... links and accents..

Dipped gold accents... 

Vertical stripes...

Gold from Chanel influences...

This weekend, the interior design industry will kick-off its "fashion week" of sorts: a bi-yearly event at High Point, North Carolina, where the focus this Fall will be on Spring Fashion & Decor. A group of select designers and design bloggers have been chosen to be "Style Spotters", where they will be tweeting, posting and pinning from the event about the styles and trends they see featured at the High Point Market. Although I'm unable to attend the market this year, I'm honored to be included in this month's blog link up with Olioboard and nine other design bloggers discussing fashion & decor. We all will be linking up today to share our version of "Fashion & Decor"... be it for a season, a holiday, a gender, or a trend. I pulled together some fashion and decor trends I think the style spotters will be seeing at High Point, and we'll be seeing for Spring 2013...

This Spring will feature a color explosion, from patchwork to plaids and florals to stripes! For his Spring Collection, designer Thom Browne featured a madness for plaidness!

When I worked in visuals, one of the tasks I did regularly was to "tour stores" - both in our mall and around town in our area. I'd see what colors they were featuring, plus how they were combining patterns and colors in apparel & home. Littered with post-it notes, I'd also bring in the latest issue of Vogue or whatever home catalogs I'd receive in the mail and share the details with the management staff and store associates. Sharing this info helped keep our store stay crisp and kept us on our toes. Sure, we had direction from "corporate", but after their guidance was set, if we were missing an opportunity to pull together a trend, I'd go for it. Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Olioboard, even before the brick & mortar shops get their next assortment, trend forecasting can be done online. What a great way to test and try a few concepts or looks before setting in a store. These sites are also a great gauge for retailers to see what people are pinning, and for us thrifters, these sites are great to create our little shopping list of what to be on the look-out for...

Wake up those stripes you may already have by pairing them with florals: from shoes & handbags, to sofas & pillows, or chairs to tablescapes...

Not every trend is for everyone or for every home. We don't all experience the same season or climate world-wide. Creating style boards to pull together fashion & decor looks is a great way for retailers to keep their assortment fresh. Even existing pieces or basics can look new again when refreshed in a new color pairing or pattern mix. For example, black & white stripes has been widely popular the past two seasons. Although they will continue to be strong, a simple change in stripe direction (vertical stripes) or even adding more color will be happening this Spring...

By no means are these all the trends we'll be seeing! And still to come will be the release of the color of the year from Pantone. This year it was Tangerine Tango - I wonder what it will be next year? From what I have been seeing pinned in fashion, I'm leaning towards the happy and optimistic yellow... but shades of jade have also been being pinned...

Rain or shine - This Spring's forecast seems to be on the sunny side!

White usually makes a strong appearance after winter, and I've been seeing more black & white patterns. Some feminine details, like bows and lace are also sure to be making their way from the runway to our rooms in one way or another...

The delicate lacy detail of a dress can be translated into a durable Marrakesh tile design or a sparkling chandelier...

Besides retailers, showrooms and industries merging fashion and decor, there are collections or displays we can already do in our own home style: we can display jewelry on trays, boxes, hooks, or on forms. Even a pashmina, a wrap, or a pretty printed scarf can be used as a table runner or bed scarf. Sometimes your husbands dress-shirt can have the perfect shade of blue, or maybe you've fallen in love with a dress print and color combo, and now you want to do it in your living room. Fashion & Decor is merging all around us. What are some ways you merge your fashion with your decor?

You can read about the upcoming High Point Market at Fashion Focus - High Point Market - October 13-18.  To learn more about what the hot color trends will be called, see the Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report. And just in case you're wondering, "but what about the Fall color Trends happening right now?", you can also see the Pantone Fall 2012 Color Report.

Spring Colors (above)
Fall colors (below)
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  1. Great inspiration! Loved the black and gold chandelier.

  2. Oh I adore the gold items you selected, especially the design of those pieces. I love that black and white is back and stripes are a personal fav!!

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your work! Gorgeous colors, boards and designs, as always Batman! LOVE IT ALL!! Gold connection is stunning, I used Black & Gold in my board =)

  4. I'm loving the mix of stripes with florals. Those two bold designs together are eye popping!

  5. Love ALL your boards - not sure which one is my fave!! Great reporting on 2013 trends - Black and Gold seems to be the buzz across the board.

  6. Along with Pantone, your one of my top forecasters when it comes to being In The Know! You've always got it going on Lynda. Your boards are beautiful, Black & Gold Craze...and board of teals & blues is so chic, a fav!

    All the best,
    Jane Gianarelli the Snob

  7. Lynda, I LOVE your board that mixes stripes with florals. What a bold combination! You've got such a great eye for colors and trends. - Lesley from Lamps Plus

  8. OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the most amazin collection of boards I have ever seen. You have outdone yourself this time. That black and white board makes me wanna cry, it's so gorgeous. I love the direct match of those gold wrap around shoes to the bangle styled tables and the aqua board's woman silhouette is stunning. Patting you on the back big time!

  9. I think this post pretty much brought the house down. Holy hot stuff! Greay job!

  10. Lynda, you are so over the top with all of your boards. Each design board is a blog post on it's own. I really like the black and white stripes and the black and gold. My favorite is the Spring 2013 board and the aqua, turquoise and blues. I am happy to see turquoise will be around still since I have so many fashions in that color.

  11. Dear Lynda,

    On behalf of the Olioboard team (of which I am a part ) thank you for this absolutely amazing post! You are so talented at using Olioboard as a tool to create an online portfOLIO of your own design aesthetic and style while, at the same time, educating and supporting others to show them what's possible. Thank you, Lynda!

    We are creating a FB album of everyone's fashion and decor Olioboard creations to share during the upcoming High Point Market since this is their theme. Please check back on http://facebook.com/olioboard today for it.

    Personally speaking, I love your *Color Explosion* board and the clever way you showcased color and, if I really had a place to wear it, I would be buying that coat with the black lace inside!

    I may have to have that done to a coat I already own..or something similar. You've taught me how to think outside of the box when it comes to taking something I already own and giving it a new life! Thank you for that!

    Have a great(!) day, Lynda, thank you again for going above and beyond, and I hope we finally get to meet in Las Vegas in January!

    Leslie @tkpleslie

  12. This is wonderful work you are so talented. I am always excited to receive your blog postings.. I learn so much. Love the sunny yellow board.

  13. Lynda, I truly am blown away by your designs, and boards. You are a daily inspiration to me and I'm so thankful to have you in my stream! I do truly hope to be as good at this as you are one day! YOU ROCK! Gorgeous boards! Wonderful posts!!! xoxo #OlioLove



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