Seriously - I cannot stop pinning! Even though yes, I set our Christmas, inspired by pins I captured throughout the year... I'm still finding pins and saying, "Oh! I wanna do that!" For some pins, they'll have to wait until next year. But for some others, they are simple enough to do and layer into existing trim now. Someone yesterday wrote they were looking to be inspired... If you're stumped at where to start: Start with your heart. What does Christmas mean to you? What memories do you cherish the most and why? Is it a movie you enjoy, like A Christmas Carol? Is it a childhood activity you use to do like sleigh riding or ice skating? Or is it a color you're drawn to that inspires you? This year, for me, I'm drawn to the freshness of mixed greens. Probably because I did a white tree the past two years plus I'm tired of seeing dust, dirt & rocks around here. When I started pinning the greens last year, I also kept on the lookout for items like deep green velvet pillow covers (I got from Ikea in January - see blog header image) and green throws (found thrifting this summer) I'd be able to mix with some existing greens - and white shag rug + white sofa. Here are a dozen pins from my board "Holiday Inspy"...

One morning, early in November, hubs woke up freezing and walked around lighting candles to try to warm the house. That situation and this image became my source of inspiration for my "faux mantel" (I don't have a fireplace, but I do have a low profile wall unit, and a fireplace screen saver!)
Having the candles clustered together in an area makes for a stronger source of heat, plus it's easier to light or put out the candles...

I use to add garlands to my windows in my apartment, and decided to do it here this year. I pulled together pieces I had to manage to fully hang on our dining area window (with lights!) It's faux, but I also mixed in some feathery fresh greens too to beef it up! I'd really like to add the "Merry Christmas" garland swag to it.

I don't have window boxes, but I do have two galvanized tins similar to this shape, so I made two arrangements...


LoVe the mix!

LoVe the mixed greens of this wreath!
I did similarly when mixing real with faux.

I had wanted to try wreaths in the windows: I tried it, but didn't like it.
It felt too cluttered. This look works best in a space with sparse wall art. 


Such a simple detail to add to the old hacienda key I picked up in September in Sedona! And I think I have a pretty green ribbon too! 

What inspired you with your Christmas decor this year?


  1. Ditto!! I am in the same exact mind frame!! Loved all your images :) I love the simplistic look of just adding greens, especially when mixed in with tarnished silver or mercury glass :) Great ideas!! ~Bre

  2. Fantastic as always Lynda! So beautiful and elegant, simply stated. Keep sharing, please. Jane xo

  3. Will u be posting pictures of your entryway and other decor around your house? I just love your style! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am so into silver this year and really like the trophies with greenery. I will be searching for those on my next antique outing.

  5. Linda, love all of your images. I am going right over to Pinterest to check out your Christmas boards. I am the same way. I have ideas spinning in my brain. I started this years inspiration of Jingle bells last year and I already have a board for 2014 started. Love this time of year, all the creativity is boundless in cyber space!!
    I pinned a few from this post, Thank you,

  6. Thanks for sharing this information on pinning Christmas greens. Next month, on the eve of Christmas, I want to throw a cocktail party to my friends so wish to find finest NYC venues. Looking forward to find best yet affordable one for the occasion.



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