Shopping Around: Local Love for a Little Lutheran Thrift Shop

Praise God! I finally found a thrift shop in AZ with vintage finds! Back in South Florida, two of my fave spots to shop thrift for furniture wasn't the Salvation Army or even Goodwill - it was church thrift (See tab: Let's Thrift!). They aren't large chains, so they aren't raising the prices too much and usually, the donations to a church thrift store are (sorry to say) from a generation who have past away. Since this generation is known to hold-onto pieces (for decades) you can find good quality furnishings at a church thrift shop. Many of the pieces are right on trend with what vintage rehab stores (like Room Service - which is now called ModShop) sell to designers today. This particular shop (called Lutheran Thrift Shop) I just happened to wonder into - after doing an about-face while looking for another Goodwill to hit in Mesa. I seriously need a bumper sticker that says: 'WARNING - I brake for thrift shops' because that's just what I did, and happy in doing so...

Above is an image of a pair of end tables I know "I shoulda bought it when I saw it!" Fantastic color, style - AND brass hardware!!

Even Pantone's Color of the Year made an appearance at the church thrift! 

Not one but TWO distinctive high-back | tufted back chairs!
Can you see these in high-gloss white? And re-upholstered in emerald or fuchsia for color or for print, in empire trellis. Thrift Tip: To get an UBER high-gloss finish on your furnishings, check out your local paint & body shop to paint it for you.

Not from church thrift, but from the Goodwill I was looking for when I wandered in here... GREAT shades of green!

GORGEOUS lines and fantastic hardware...
Considering it's thrift, this piece was (IMO) over priced at $650 + end table at $49, but maybe a little negotiating good get it down :) 

Great Scandi or Mad-men style!

Although brass is HOT right now, this light fixture could also be fabulous in a color (red, hot pink, turq - or even black)

Upholstered legs are making their way back again - This was a great petite love seat...

The iris paintings are perfect for Spring - but even if the colors don't work - the frame itself is fabulous! (could cover canvas with you fave fabric - like maybe something from the 

Another unique & petite seat - LOVE the over-sized tufted pillow back! 

I nearly fell to knees when I saw the tambor doors on this piece!

(aaaahhhhhhhh - angels sing)

I think I may have to pass by The Lutheran Thrift Shop again today on my way up to Scottsdale to check a few last local spots before buying some pieces online for a project... I'll also need to add this to my list of thrift shops up above in the tab called "Let's Thrift!"

"A charming little thrift store that is operated by volunteers."

4517 E Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85205
480- 218-1425

Shop Hours:
Monday + Wednesday + Friday + Saturday 9 - 4
Tuesday + Thursday 9 - 7

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Been there!! They do actually have some decent goodwills in the Scottsdale area. I <3 Thrifting too!

  2. Found you on the Apartment Therapy Homies List.:)

    What a stylish blog you have! But then you're originally from New Jersey, so of course you have style! (I'm from Jersey, too).

  3. You struck gold there in AZ. I need to venture into other GW stores in my city. Thank you for blogging on re-purposing furniture and where to find great deals in thrift stores and regular stores I have learned so much you inspire this mama of 4 with her restricted budget.

  4. You're introducing me to so many great places I've never heard of. I'm going to have to check this place out - I'm dying for that high back chair!

  5. I have the matching china cabinet to the bamboo and brass end tables :)



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