I haven't done this in a while, and it was fun to do: Travel and take new photographs. My father enjoyed taking photos of people. My husband enjoys taking photos of animals (especially Sephora)... but I LOVE taking photos of buildings. Usually, I am taking photographs of skyscrapers, cityscapes, and architecture... but a few weeks ago, we ventured to someplace new for the weekend: Georgia. Besides spending time with family, I was very much looking forward to trying to capturing new images - especially of farms - to frame in our home for Fall. I finally got to editing some shots this morning. These are both in color and black & white of a beautiful old red barn, on the property where we were staying... and a way to Welcome in October today... enJOY.

You can get a LOT of inspiration from photos of
your travels - even if it is around your own local area.
New color combinations, a mix of textures, and even ideas for
upcoming family gatherings and holiday tablescapes...

These are some of the same shots, but edited into black & white.
Although I really like the color in the photos above,
I especially love the way editing to 
B&W enhances the texture in the photos...

These next two are probably my faves...

I really like using photography (especially personal and in B&W) to decorate with,
so some of these photos will be framed this weekend...
and be he finishing touches to the Fall decor...

Happy Fall - Happy October 1st
Happy Weekend!

See you back here on Monday... but don't be shy -
If you're new to visit FOCAL POINT - Welcome! - And take a look around.
I've added some new photos and links to the sidebar... Have a GREAT weekend!

All photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids


  1. I love driving around our area and seeing all the barns & even the cows in the meadows. I always thought it would be cool to photograph newly cut and rolled hay bales out in the fields. The bales seem to shimmer the first day or so after being cut and look so poetic on the rolling landscape. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm with you! My daddy was an architect, and I've always been fascinated by the play of light and dark...the texture...those wonderful design moments...that can be captured with my camera. Well done on your country barn photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. Cherry Kay

  3. Love love love the black and white pics. Good eye!!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment Marilyn, Cherry, and Pam!!

    :D Lynda

  5. Nothing like a working, soulful barn...particularly in fall! Great images!

  6. Such pretty photos. You remind me that I should take my camera out more often...thanks!




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