It's hard to believe how the addition of one color can totally refresh and renew a color palette, but it can. My latest color infatuation and admiration surprisingly is GOLD. I had first started to take note of gold when the Fall issues of fashion magazines came out this year. As so much of fashion translates into home decor, so has the addition of this color, metal and finish now appearing in our home. I'm planning on using white this year for Christmas, and I can't wait to pair some repainted gold items with our existing silver and pewter decor. Where silver is icy, the gold will definitely be warming it up.

While testing and creating some Thanksgiving tablescapes, I already started to shift the feeling of our home from Autumn to an early winter look. Even while looking around on the Internet for factoids about Thanksgiving to share, I came across some wintery images relating to the look. These tablescapes I made are a combination of a warming wilderness look and celebrating the where I'm from - The North East. However, the tablescape style evolved into a haberdashery look from Ralph Lauren inspired by mixing a plaid and paisley menswear look.

Here are the tablescapes I created - again using thrifted items (like the plates), items I already had (like the runners & napkins from HomeGoods and amber glasses from Pier1), and refreshing some old items with a warming shot of GOLD...



Existing square chargers repainted gold
Existing twig runners painted gold
Existing centerpiece refinished in gold & feather sprays at $1ea.
Thrifted white pedestal bowl at $5
Thrifted white glazed bowl
Thrifted white glazed dinner plates at $1 ea.
Thrifted gold rim dessert plates at .50 ea.
Thrifted leaf dessert plates at .25 ea.
Thrifted brass candle holders (small) at $2.50 a pair
Thrifted tall brass holders repainted in gold
Big Lots orange pumpkins painted cream & gold at $1 ea.
Four pack of 14" taper candles at Ikea
Four packs of napkins at $8 from Homegoods & Ross
Paisley runner from Homegoods at $8
Existing pillow cases as slip covers
Existing clear red wine glasses
Existing Amber Colin Cowie wine glasses
Existing Pier One amber glass platters
Existing Crate & Barrel amber glass votive
Existing Emeril white platter
Existing Lenox silverware
Existing found branch

Adding the leaf to the table enabled me to utilize the centerpiece I made (it feels more in proportion and it can be easily removed when we sit and be replaced with more FOOD!! yumm!)

The horse wall art is an image from a $1 calendar updating an existing frame.

Here's where the look started to change to a menswear inspired look. I switched out the gold twig runner I had sprayed gold for a black & white paisley runner I had found the summer at HomeGoods. I had picked it up when I had gotten the pair of tablecloths I used as window panels - soon after painting the front door black (Read about this makeover at Dark Door Project). I thankfully had a Marshalls | HomeGoods gift card (I had been holding onto for Fall or the holidays) so these textiles really came in handy to update our look this year for winter...

A houndstooth throw I found at Target also helps with the menswear mix...

The happy find of Fitz & Floyd dessert plates is what really makes this work.
The pairing of the paisley, plaid and houndstooth on the table, has even now inspired the look I'll be doing this year in our bedroom for winter. Repeating decor elements in your home is a great way to create a harmonious look.

Thrifted Fitz & Floyd dessert plates at .75 cents each.
(When I googled the F&F b&w plaid group - the 10" dinner plates from the group came up as $33 each)

Pairing plaid & paisley - Paisley napkins are Ralph Lauren I got at HomeGoods.

Sneak Peek at Winter bedroom pairing...
Stay tuned for the update.

I actually found a RL houndstooth sheet set at HomeGoods last week and can't wait to pair with my existing printed pillow covers and some fur. Yeah - I know I'm in Florida, and it's all palm trees, coconuts, seashells and the shore, but updating the look changes the mood in our home and helps me to reconnect with the North East...

Hope this helped inspire you for your holiday tablescapes. Adding GOLD can really make a dramatic difference... and it can simply be just spray painting items you already have. And no need to run to the mall to buy an entire set of new dishes. Try thrifting, mixing and matching new looks for a fraction of the cost that the save - and splurge on textiles and other tablescape essentials at HomeGoods...

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  1. Love the black and white with the gold. Makes an impact. Love St. Augustine too, one of my favorite cities. Family came from 20 miles south of there. Very nice table ideas all done very thrifty. Love that.

  2. what great texture in your tablescape. i am loving all the golds nowadays...who'da thunk, lol. and i love how you put it together so thrifty, that's right up my alley!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your kind words on my thankful thursdays post. i truly appreciate it!

  3. delighted you are joining the Give Thanks friday and I loved viewing your table scapes. I love to use pheasant and all kinds of feathers in my decorating. I am your newest follower. :)

  4. You are soooo creative! I love all your ideas and how you put ti all together. The feathers are so beautiful and fun and unexpected. Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wed and sharing your ideas with us.


  5. Sounds like the usual revisionist "history" to me. Try reading the Bradford Journal for something a little more accurate about the Pilgrims and their "idyllic" Thanksgiving.

    On a different note :), what a beautiful dinner setting & love your Olio boards!


  6. Thank you and thanks for stopping by Sindy, Karin, the cape on the corner and Sherry! Looking forward to the party Lynn - Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment =)

    :D Lynda

  7. I love the gold elements that you added by painting. The menswear influence is just wonderful. I love that look!

  8. What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Ooh. I love the plaid and paisley together. And the feather centerpiece is lovely!

  10. Stunning table, love the centerpiece, but my favorite is the plaid plates paired with the paisley, very striking.

  11. UHHHH-MAYYYYZING! I'm so loving this! My house is completely turned upside down Lynda, it looks like hoarders! SERIOUSLY! I am so upset. Plus, I just found on Nate Berkus's Facebook page that a viewer "didn't agree with the comments on the entryway" and that it was "too cluttered" and "would be an exhausting way to enter a room" ... talk about disappointed.

  12. Don't be upset or get frustrated Artie!! Just take a deep breath and plan your attack - one area at a time. Everything will "fall" into place (lol) and it will look UHHH-MAYYYZING I am SURE!! BTW: Ignore the nay-sayers. Your space was the BEST utilization of space - and even NATE said that!

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment Artie, Martha, Mimi, Madigan, Laura, Barbara, and CreolelnDC!! Hope you all are off to the start of a wonderful holiday season!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Now go make like Sandra Lee and go put the "HAPPY" in Thanksgiving =)

    :D Lynda

  13. I think my favorite is the menswear one. I really like the black/white/gold mix. Super creative looks. And, what a bargain on those plates! I would love those black and white!

  14. Lynda you really gave me a great help! I have the original Ralph Lauren dish set with black and white pattern and this is a great solution to use it for Thanksgiving. Last year I pair it with orange but this year I will make a trip to the color store...spray cans here I come! I am preparing in Milan a small dinner fir 8 to introduce the traditional dinner to my Italian friends. Thanks for your wonderful blog, from a collegue blogger .....Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family.

  15. I love to pari plaid & paisley. Such a rich combination! LOVE your pheasant feather centerpiece! You did a wonderful job with this table, especially the chargers which - if I read correctly - you painted gold. Excellent! have a great Thanksgiving!

  16. Each tablescape is the gold, but I'm really taken with the black and white nice. Thank you for sharing your lovely designs. Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

  17. Thank you Carol, Alycia, Cherry!! MilaneseGal - sounds like your table is going to be beautiful and fabulous for your Thanksgiving gathering!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
    THX for stopping by...
    :D Lynda



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