I don't know what it is - maybe it's just my infatuation with the color black - but lately, I've noticed many lamp shades being done in black. It works with almost any style: traditional, contemporary, eclectic or modern. You don't even need to run out and buy a new lamp (although that would be nice). You can simply change the look of an existing lamp, by just buying a black lamp shade. Not only will the look of the lamp change, but you can add drama and elegance to a space. Since lighting is also a means of adding another layer to a room, a space can be transformed into another level of sophistication with the addition of black lamp shades...

I've read that in Chinese beliefs the color black represents water which means strength. But it is also known in ancient Chinese texts as something that adds an element of darkness to a space. Because of this black shades can bring balance and harmony to a naturally brightly lit room.

Ideally, black shades are best suited for the bedroom, but they are also often associated with living rooms that are sleek and modern. Depending on the shape of the shade, it can also work in a more traditional space to update its look to contemporary.

Black lamp shades can also change the mood of a space. Its elegance can bring grandeur and sophistication to a casual space. Part of maintaining or changing the mood with black lamp shades comes from the fabric choices and shape of its design. Fabric choices can be silk, linen or paper. And some can even have a metallic paper finish in its interior to highlight the shades beautiful glow.

These are some examples of black shade lamps
I've spotted in stores & on the Internet...

Although most of these were spotted on the Lamps Plus site, other stores selling black shaded lamps are Pier One, JCPenney, and Z Gallerie...

If you're not in the market for a new lamp, than just check out the several black lamp shade styles offered also on Lamps Plus. Be sure to have a measuring tape handy. They have a tutorial about selecting the right size shade (very important) for your size lamp in Lamp Shade Buying 101. They also offer several printed black lamp shades which is also a hot look.



  1. Lynda, I love the black shades in the light spaces. Really adds drama to the room, as you said!

  2. Black shades are classic and fresh at the same time. I've always loved the elegance and edge they add to a space.

  3. You're so right Carol - They are classic and fresh! Well said!! Thanks for stopping by...

    :D Lynda

  4. For me black is gorgeous that is why I really love things with black color. Those lamp shades are very beautiful for me. The will fit my house perfectly.

  5. Those black shades gives harmony and balance the color inside the room.



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