Not only will tomorrow be Thrifty Thursday here at Focal Point, but a segment on the Nate Berkus show will be featuring The Thriftiest Decor In America! I'm very much looking forward to seeing this episode, not only because it will be my first time watching (yes - guilty of not seeing the show YET!!) but, there is going to be a special treat. One of Nate's guests for this segment will be my blogger friend and very talented designer - Artie Vanderpool. You may recall Artie's Olioboard I had featured to encourage voting in the Grandin Road Olioboard contest this summer - which he WON Second Place!! woot!

Artie Vanderpool Design

On Artie's blog, Color Outside The Lines, he had posted about some exciting news. When I went back to check on the news - it was exciting indeed! Artie will be "Sharing The Stage With THE Nate Berkus". Artie wrote:

Gosh, where to start? Part of me doesn't even know where the beginning actually was, or if it's truly over. Plus, I want to leave some of this a surprise to you all so that you can enjoy the show without me spoiling it for you. The lovely producers of the Nate Berkus show contacted me last week and wanted to talk about rooms - after lots of emails and pictures, they settled on one, and sent me a flip cam to film it, and talk about how inexpensive it was to create such a beautiful space. Hours later, I had a flight to NYC, a car service, a hotel, and I was running around like a mad person trying to figure out what I was going to wear!

Artie Vanderpool

About Artie from Vanderpool Designs:

With a background in the arts, Artie Vanderpool started vanderpool:design in his home state of Texas, before moving to Western New York. 

Dedicated to the joy of fine living, Artie knew from a very young age that a creative life stood before him.

After college, Artie jumped feet first into the acting world, and performed in plays and musical theatre for several years., including "Forever Plaid", "South Pacific", "Hello Dolly", and "Barefoot in the Park" to name a few. Additionally, Artie made appearances in the indie film "Texas America" and several commercial appearances while living in Texas. Artie still enjoys performing, but prefers to do what gives him the most joy: creating homes for fine living.

I first met Artie back when he posted this oh so clever outdoor dining space over on HGTV's Rate My Space. He called it Dinner In the Garden. I loved the way he brought the INSIDE OUTSIDE by using interior furnishings outdoors to set a GORGEOUS outdoor dining space for a dinner party he was hosting. Artie's beautiful space was also featured by

Since first posting on Rate My Space, Artie has evolved and developed his Vanderpool Design's site, featuring interiors, events, and exteriors, as well as his blog - Color Outside The Lines. Some of my favorite blog postings have been about his personal projects, home staging challenges, features of inspiring designers or blogs and his Vignette Friday Link Party...

Come join the party on Friday's!

Catch up with Artie and be inspired by his blog.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on Nate's
Thriftiest Decor In America segment tomorrow!
(check your local listings for times)


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This is so nice Lynda! :) Thanks so much for all of this wonderful good press! xoxo, Artie

  2. You're VERY welcome Artie!! I'm truly SO happy for you! You are an INSPIRATION!!

    I did try adding more photos, but blogger kept flipping them when they uploaded... Thanks for stopping by!

    Great Job Artie!! xo
    :D Lynda

  3. Oh Artie is fabulous!

    You may have heard by now that the beloved Visual Vamp needs our help.
    I am hosting an online auction this Friday to benefit Valorie and could use a bit of help spreading the word.
    Please stop by my blog for more details.

    Be blessed,



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