If ever there were a time to be utilizing "lists" - it sure is for the holiday season! I'm one for sure who makes lists. Don't get me wrong - I'm not a fanatic, but for projects, events, chores and errands - they sure do help. Earlier this year I had asked on facebook if people used lists and what kinds do you use - written or electronic - and most people hand write lists. I do too, most of the time. Lists help me keep my focus. They also keep me from driving in circles while running errands (try to list places in the order to go to). The good ole grocery list helps keep the grocery budget on track. And getting projects done around here also gets listed.

For larger projects though, especially when other people are involved, I'll print a list (I sometimes can't even read my own writing, so it's worse for others lol). When I was managing my visual team, the last thing I'd do before I left each day was leave a task list of priorities for them on the workshop table. For the recent client project, I used two different lists - one to communicate to the client and one for my husband of what would be getting installed so he'd know which tools he'd need. The list for the project was a great way to keep focused and get also feel a sense of accomplishment (love crossing off completed tasks!!).

And for the holidays, here comes a new set of lists. For some it could be listing which decorations to take out of storage, which to craft, and which items you need to buy (for example new holiday lights). Lists for cards of addresses will also be coming in handy. For gift giving, it's especially good to have a list. I know it's the time of year we feel like opening our hearts and wallets to give give give, but a list can help keep you on budget... and maybe even re-evaluate your gift giving strategy to become more like the little drummer boy, and find a way to not buy something - but give something of yourself to others (like time).

Do you use lists? What are some your best practices for using lists? Are you a post-it note list person? Do you have lists stored on your PC you print out? Do you have a special pad you write them on or do you just recycle the nearest envelope and jot down what needs to get done?

If you need some help getting your lists organized, this blog Life Your Way actually has a printable Christmas planner. You can print checklists for: a Budget Worksheet, Gift Ideas, Gift Lists, Shopping Lists, Handmade Gifts, Cards Worksheet, Budget Worksheet and even Family Traditions. I'm not using all of them.... but I may use some. Stop by and check them out.

It's Monday!
What better way to start the week than with a list!
Have a great week!


  1. I am not a huge list maker except at the Holidays. I keep my list on 3x5 cards, they slip into my wallet or purse so easily. In fact I have about 4 cards on my desk right now!! When I see a gift idea I jot it on the idea card. It works for me. Now off I go to the store with my grocery card!! Kathysue

  2. Of course I write's how my analytical mind functions. Also being a touch OCD and failing memory how could I not? LOL

  3. I am alist maker for sure!! I would go crazy without them. I live for lists!!



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