I'm totally loving the refreshed newness the look of adding gold to a space makes! I love it so much, I went through five cans of Gold Rush Metallic (Rustoleum) spray paint yesterday (and may need to pick up some more today!) Now don't get me wrong - I'm not going CRAZY with the gold rush (lol) but, it sure is a lot less expensive to transform existing pieces with a shot of gold vs. running out and buying more stuff - especially when this bank is broke...

Some of these gold touches I'll be using for our upcoming Thanksgiving tablescape. To get more use out of the pieces, I'm also planning on using gold mixed with silver for our white tree and wreaths this year for Christmas. Yesterday, I refreshed my twelve year old round mirror - ironically BACK to its original color of GOLD. I'd like to layer on a starburst - but that will be for Christmas. The other items I updated with gold were a pair of twig runners, a set of four yellow chargers, some orange & green mini gourds from Big Lots and a bag of Fall leaves from the Dollar Store...

And while blog hoping for inspiration, I saw a tablescape that triggered my memory: I have feathers!! I've been wanting to use the feathers... but I didn't know how or where. While I was in my garage, I spotted a black rectangular container with twigs, I had used last year for fall. So I emptied the rock filler, refreshed the twigs with a shot of espresso (lol - paint that is) and sprayed the container gold. I added in two sizes of feathers, some left over moss from Halloween as well as filled in some spots with acorns, I also already had from a tablescape I did about three years ago. Even if it's too much for the table, I'd like to use it on the buffet, paired with the now gold mirror, and bring back the pewter lamps with black shades...

I pulled together some of the table textiles I already have and could use for the tablescape... but while I'm out today running errands, I'd like to see if I could find some thrifted autumn-like dessert plates to layer into our basic white dishes (I think we've been using everyday & holiday for the past seven years) and maybe some different silverware... So wish me luck!! Hopefully, tomorrow I can post some thrifted finds... however, I think I'll be working on the tablescapes tomorrow afternoon and probably post on Friday...

So stay tuned!!



  1. I will be checking back to see your beautiful Thanksgiving table. I just love visiting your blog. You are very talented and make everything seem very do-able for me. Love, love, love looking at all the rooms you decorate. Keep posting and I'll keep learning! Have a great day!!

  2. Luv, luv, luv the feathers!!! O, and I am a huge fan of spray paint. lol

  3. can't believe that I just noticed, we both said... luv, luv, luv! lol =)

  4. Well than... since you both "luv luv luv"... it MUST be "a good thing" =) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    :D Lynda

  5. I see many elements that are going to lead to quite the sophisticated Thanksgiving tablescape. I'll be anticipating your design. Cherry Kay

  6. Love the way you are pulling it all together. You came up with some wonderful pieces to work with. Handy dandy spray paint is definitely your friend,Kathysue

  7. Can't wait to see the final set up. The details are fabulous. I also luv, luv, luv the feathers. I have been collecting feathers for many years now and love to use them during the holidays. Your arrangement of them is fabulous. xo



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