Last week, I refinished and installed the $30 thrifted buffet over at Vero's place. On facebook, I had posted some pictures during the process and joking called it a monster - but it was! But it also was just what this side of the "L" shaped open living space needed. It was one of the first pieces I had in mind I could find while thrift shopping for this space.

When I had first seen the space, the existing wall mounted TV was calling for a piece underneath it, to help anchor it to the space. Vero also wanted seating in the space. The challenge was to connect the length of the space and the distance between the TV and the sofa, but without blocking its view. The challenge resulted in opting to go with a centered conversation arrangement.

The existing plantation styled dining chairs from the space have since been removed and gone to her moms place. The floor lamp in the corner will be painted white, get a new fun shade, and be used in her little girls room. The small Bombay accent table (to the left) has been placed in the dining space, and the Bombay table on the right, after a change in hardware to nickel, is being used in the hall at the top of the stairs in her townhome.

After some heavy sanding of the top and raised front door panels to remove the paint, I primed the inside of the piece. After priming inside, I spray painted the recess of the door panels with a color called Gold Rush. After it dried, I taped it and began to stain the door front raised panels with Minwax Jacobean wood stain. I let it dry, lightly sanded the panel, and gave it a second coat of stain. I applied the wood stain using a cheap chip brush and a sponge on a stick to go back over stain - and remove the excess.


While the stain dried, I used another chip brush and a roller to start painting the inside of the buffet with its first coat of semi-gloss black paint. I painted the piece in my garage so if it rained the piece wouldn't get damaged. I used a floor standing fan to help dry the piece, as well as blow away the fumes.

Using the existing handles as inspiration, I used the Jacobean stain dry-brushed over the gold recess. It helped to blend the bleeding that had occurred under the tape. The basically two-toned finish of the piece worked in the space because the black relates to the black accents - and the rug - within the space and the Jacobean stain finish relates to the also thrifted refinished round coffee table, a refinished thrifted side table and the Pier One pedestal dining table.

Although I had originally planned on using antique white on the panels, it felt like it was going to have been too graphic for the space. I did find the right size hardware to replace the handles with, but it would have made the piece look too Arts & Crafts for the space. Utilizing the existing handles worked for scale and style. Also installed in the space were the window hardware and printed window panels (originally on backorder from JCPenney).

The pattern of the chenille panels relates to the diamond pattern of the chenille dining room chairs - found on line at - as well as the black ogee patterned Martha Stewart are rug - found online at The swirl patterned dec pillows I found as a pair for only $12 at Ross. The neutral palette in the space allows for this fun mix of patterns.

Some photos were taken before staining the top. To add life to the space, two Spathiphyllum will work under each picture on the left & right wall. Vero didn't want the clutter of books on display, or I would have placed bookcases here for height. This is more open and comfortable. If she stays or sells - it works for both.

She had one piece of beach-like wall art, with subtle enough colors, I was able to incorporate into the space on the right. To balance out its scale, I used a quad of four frames I picked up at Ikea. They will be filled with some of my beach shots I've taken from some of Florida's coasts. The mirrored [Beekman] wall sconces are from ZGallerie. I had spotted them while sourcing online, but they were picked up locally. They add just the right amount of sparkle to this side of the space and will look beautiful in the evening in candle light.

Using thrifted pieces to transform this space not only saved money, I was able to get quality pieces (solid wood construction) and a mix to personalize the space... to give it a "collected over time" look. By refinishing the pieces using two colors - the semi-gloss black and Jacobean wood stain - it helped unite & modernize the collected pieces for a clean and comfortable contemporary look.

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Happy Thrifty Thursday!
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  1. Such a beautiful, warm, and inviting space Lynda! You Rock!

  2. The room looks fabulous. Love the buffet, great finish. The mix of fabrics is wonderful. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  3. Looks really great. Compliments from Germany

  4. I'm in love! You're giving me fab ideas for when I start working on the basement of our house ... which I'd like to start tomorrow! LOL!

    I got home last night, completely worn out from work, and decided that I was going to move all the furniture in the house around - by myself! Yep, including the sofa that weighs atleast 100 pounds!

    I moved the sofa to the dining room, the dining room table to the living room - hated it - moved it all back. I guess I got my work out in anyway.

    I just wish I could sell it all and start over ... maybe even in a new house! LOL! Thanks for inspiring me Lynda! :)


  5. WOW! When I look at this room the word "thrift" certainly doesn't come to mind. You are the master!

  6. You actually bring a whole new light to the word thrift! The room is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You do great work! We are a generation apart, you and I, and your tastes are much more contemporary than mine, but I know good design, and this is great. I enjoy your blog very much.

  8. I love the color palette and mix of patterns. The space looks modern, but not cold, and that my friend is hard to do! I over did a black and white color scheme in my home and am now using browns, grays and beiges to soften it up a bit, as well as mixing some traditional pieces to off set the “catalogue look” that you blogged about awhile back. I also love the furniture placement; it looks very chic and well put together. You did a fabulous job with this space, I find it full of inspiration, thrift or not. You should be very proud of your achievements.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful job! Thanks for swinging by my blog today. I will definitely be back!

  10. Wow! What a great piece! You really added alot of detail work! I love how you use thrifted finds to decorate spaces for clients! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

  11. This is an absolutely fabulous space now. Your touches turned it into a showplace.

  12. I love the scale of the piece in that room, and the gold inset really makes it. What a lot of work -- it looks super professional.

  13. Great information here! I enjoy reading your posts.

  14. What a fabulous transformation, you have pulled the hwol room together with that piece! Love the picture with the mask , hahaha!!

  15. Thanks everyone for the encouraging and thoughtful comments!! The mask pic is one of my faves too MCL!! thx!!

    :D Lynda

  16. Hello! I saw this room on Rate My Space and I am in LOVE with it! I have a question. Where did you get those cute little square vases with flowers on the coffee table?




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