Of all the gifts we can want, list, or crave - by far the most valuable & precious gift we can give is the gift of time. And with the way things have been for this past year, that is exactly what I'm giving the most important woman of the world: my mom. Last year, I helped her finally restyle her town home to bring it up to date. After the update, she was actually wanting to put up a tree. She gave me a budget, and I not only got her a manageable pre-lit tree and some decor for it, I had also found some ways to utilize some of her most memorable pieces of Christmas past.

Hurricane filled with pine cones for centerpiece.

Simple sentiments displayed on the buffet.

Iced branches layered on a silver charger add sparkle.

An old lantern restyled for Christmas.

I spent the day with her this past Saturday. She's always wanting to help, so before I got there she had pulled out all the boxes of decorations, the boxed tree, the wreaths, and all the white candles she had. She also washed all the glass containers and had them lined up on the counter ready to be filled with Christmas JOY! (do you see where I get this from? She says I'm like my father - but in SO many ways - I am as anal as her... lol).

Garland wrapped chandelier with icicle ornaments.

Warm glow of simple white lights and candlelight.

Layered woven round place mats add texture for a simple runner.

Sentimental pine cones & ornament display.

Mini glass balls gave leverage to add glass & votive candle
(Previous candle had melted & when trying to remove, it started to crack the cracked glass even more - so I just covered it)

Mirrors add reflection of glow of lights.

My mom is a traditionalist - so "change" is not part of her make-up. Me on the other hand - I'm ALL about change. Although I did most of the decor as I had done last year, I did "tweak" a few things. Last year I had printed photos and hooked them to the tree. Since they seemed to have discolored (thank you Florida heat!) I didn't use them on the tree - but added some glass ornaments I didn't use all of last year. On the buffet last year, I had used a strand of garland woven between candle holders. This year, I formed the garland into a wreath I placed on the chandelier.

Another simple sentimental vignette - set on a thrifted console table.

Thrifted coffee pot gave height with added branch and gave a clean backdrop for my grandfather's special star he made.

A view while sitting on the sofa.

Additional cream velvet pillow covers added to the wintry look, paired with a cozy chenille throw and simple branch motif dec pillow (found last year at Ross).

New addition this year: a mercury glass candle holder adds more shine & glow to the space.

An updated vignette set on the bench at her family gallery wall.

I also relocated her apothecary jars to the buffet and they are holding two sentimental pine cones: One from her parents anniversary trip to Hawaii and the other she found while visiting her brother in Arkansas. I also added two sentimental reindeer ornaments - a gift from one of her closest friends - her sister-in law. On the console table, I mixed together a white ceramic teapot I found while thrifting (and it looks just like one my Godmother use to have) with a steel star her father had made for us - back when he worked at a steel mill in New Jersey (he made us two stars - this one was from out outside evergreen tree my father use to wrap in lights every Christmas).

Glitter snowflakes hanging off the simple Ikea lamps add sparkle & texture to the vignette.

Funny - I had gotten this lamp for my moms patio, but it's worked great inside. It was a steal (last year) at Homegoods - only $15 because it was missing the glass.

The lantern tucks into the corner to give visual interest to an otherwise dead space.

A newspaper filled galvanized can is topped off with pine cones and an evergreen pick.

More pine cones fill two silver dishes - usually in storage - but brought out for the holidays.

Wintry Christmas cards utilized in existing frames.

She loved the mix of old sentimental items paired with some contemporary style. She spent the day Sunday sitting in the living room with a book... smiling and admiring her tree and living room. Later, she had her friend Marcia come over for dinner and they enjoyed it together...

The tree and decor is "just enough" for mom...

Last year, I made two quote wreaths I hung inside on her front and back door.

I simply sprayed a grapevive wreath in white and added a few frosted branch picks ...
I printed on white cardstock, quotes relating to friends and family that I found online - But any craft paper could work. I kept it simple, but you can easily hot glue clusters of glass ornaments or pinecones in every other space. I attached the cards with wire, but it could look even more charming with ribbon.

My mom and her guests enjoy seeing the quotes when visiting during the holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my moms town home - decorated in a day for Christmas. I know she's happy because spending time together with loved ones this season is the best you can give... and I'm happy to have not only done it for her, but to make her smile ;-)

Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a wonderful gift to your MOM!! Spending time with her is so important because in an instant, anyone of us could be gone!
    Enjoy her!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie -Dabble Christmas

  2. What a wonderful blessing you are to your mom!!Your blog is wonderful... so many things I could mention!! I love that photo wall!! Thank you for your sweet blog comment!

  3. I love the re-design of your Mom's home. Sigh. The Christmas decorations are simple, yet elegant and so appealing--I need to copy some of those ideas, Lynda!
    Sindy :)

  4. Oh my, everything is just stunning. So pretty. I loved every picture. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Great job on your mother's home. Looks wonderful. I have just become your follower and hope that you will stop by for a visit.

  6. What a wonderful thing you did for your mother. You took a beautiful home and made it more elegant and festive. Merry Christmas

  7. You are so creative and talented! I just love what you did for your mom. It is just the style I love - simple, yet elegant. What a wonderful, wonderful gift you gave to her and to yourself. I love that wreath idea!

  8. Hello Lynda,
    you have a wonderful calm way to decorate your house. Everything is chic and modern and very tasteful. Tha Christmas tree looks as if true stars are blinking in there.
    Greetings, Johanna

  9. Thank you mishebe, Debbie, Rene, Sindy, Marty, Honey, Barbara, Johanna, and 'we three dogs'!! Mom loves sitting in the living room and looking at the lights - like we did when I was a little girl =).

    The style may have changed, but the tradition and memories remain... MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for stoppng by!

    :D Lynda

  10. So clean and refreshing and sparkly. I love what you've done.

  11. Your mom is truly blessed to have a daughter who honors her in such a loving and special way. I spent years decorating my mama's house as she grew older. Those were some of our most precious times. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs. Cherry Kay

  12. Love what you have done with your Mom's home. Stylish, elegant refined. . .just beautiful. Your photos are amazing thanks for the ideas. You truly have an eye for elegance.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~



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