New tasks. New schedules. New gigs. So far this past first week of the new year has brought all of the above.  To bring you into the present, I've got to take you back to this past summer. Back in June, I had blogged about the premiere episode of the new Color Splash season and location ... Color Makes A Splash In Miami and More Color Splash Over Miami


Soon after creating the posts, I had looked up the production company, along with names of people related to the Color Splash program. Since I was very focused last year on breaking free of my "shop girl" past, as well as learn & connect to more people in the design industry, I added those names I found to my connections on LinkedIn. I also searched their names on Facebook, and sent a friend request - which thankfully was accepted.
This past December, making those connections paid off in a wonderful way: I had received an email (from the shows Executive in Charge of Production) to come interview with the crew and staff of Color Splash Miami - as an additional Design Assistant for the show.  So yes (SMH) - I got to meet Designer David Bromstad, Patricia Rothman (David's Design Coordinator), Gina (David's Trainee), Stuart (David's Carpenter), the show's producer Julie, along with all the other team members (assistant producer, production assistants, and camera crew) who together create Color Splash.

After interviewing with them, I awaited a call from the shows Executive in Charge of Production - Michelle (my original connection on LinkedIn and Facebook), who called two days after the interview to ask if I'd like to start January 3... And so I did =)

David B. and me the day of the reveal.

This past week I started the gig I had interviewed for back in December. Ironically, the studio is located near the Design District (which I had temporarily worked at back in September), so I was already familiar with the drive, neighborhood, and traffic patterns. I've learned a lot of new names and terms, but I've also been able to apply some of my past experiences to help with some of the organization of the makeovers scheduled, as well as product display for a shoot. Understandably however, I cannot show you any the makeovers... You'll have to wait until they air, which should be in/around April or May. As it does get closer, I'll give ya the heads up!
My apologies for not having been more consistent with posting this past week. Combining a work schedule and time to blog is new for me. I mostly enjoy writing the posts in the morning and afternoon - writing at night is different (and challenging). So what I'm trying to do is write the weeks post over the weekend, save them, and still post daily, which should work out. 
I also have two more client projects coming up, a contribution request (for centerpiece ideas) from, along with a makeover for my mom. I'm going to be teaming up with an old friend (Jose) who started up his own company. He has an online site called KoutureComfortInc featuring custom pillows, window panels, throws, home fragrances with candles and room sprays, and a skin care line he just set in a shop on Lincoln Road. I'll be blogging about the launch party from the shop during the second week in February. Jose's even pushing for me to write a book... so we'll see what else the new year will bring...

Jose snapped this shot just after I had interviewed with ColorSplash.

In the meantime, I'm so excited to be learning about production and be a part of a dynamic team who together produce a fine show! And hey - Hello! David Bromstad!!! In my honest opinion - he is "THEE" Design Star. He was not only the first, but set the bar and standard for others to reach to - which sorry but - I don't think anyone else after him has been as successful as he has been!!

New year... New gigs... and New Adventures!


  1. Lynda!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! What a phenomenal opportunity and so deserved. You have such an amazing talent and I see you going so far! Look out moon!!! Her she comes!!!!!!

  2. Wow Lynda, that is so exciting. I knew you were destined for great things....such perseverance and talent. I too am excited for you. You'll be a great addition to the team on Color Splash!!! Rock on Sister :)

  3. Congratulations....what an accomplishment! How exciting to be directly involved with HGTV and contributing to the designs we will all see and admire. My one disappointment is that the show you are connected with is Color Splash.....I don't think I've ever seen one of David's spaces I liked. Candice would have been a much better fit....maybe some day!

  4. Congrats Lynda!!!
    I'm so happy for you!!
    Love your postings and look foward to seeing more!!!
    Good Luck in your new job and the new year!!!

  5. I am so beyond over the moon for you my friend! I only dreamed since David won of meeting him and when we had our home getting a room designed or a piece of art are actually working with him! Green with envy of course and as I said over the moon excited for you!!

  6. Congrats on your well deserved break. You are an extremely hard worker and super talented to boot. Great things will continue to come your way! :)

  7. YOU ROCK! Preserverence pays off. You're right I love David. Congratulations for you.

  8. That is amazing! I am so excited for you. I love David and in Miami even more. The locations that he uses as inspiration are incredible. Congratulations!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS Lynda!!!!!! What a great opportunity!!!! My son is an interior designer and moved in Sept. to Fort Lauderdale and is trying to get his business going. Struggling but working hard!!!! He reminds me alot of David! Even resembles him!!!! Good luck with the new gig!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  10. * Sooooo happy for you, and soooo proud of you, too! BUUUT, I am NOT SURPRIZED, Lynda~~~~ you have a GREAT TALENT, and you did it "the old fashioned way", too... "you EARRRRRNED it!", kiddo!

    Just thrilled!!!

    Congratulatory hugs!
    Linda in AZ *

  11. How wonderful!!! Way to go! What an awesome story with a fairytale ending. Love it! Looking forward to following you on your success with stars! You rock girlfriend! xo

  12. Congratulations Linda how very exciting you have been a very busy bee. It seems you are already everywhere i look since joining blog land, twitter & Olioboard! You are unstoppable. Good luck to you :)

  13. What an inspiration you are! You followed your dream and made it into a reality. All the very best to you and your new endeavor.

  14. Congratulations, Lynda. That is awesome!

  15. Congratulations that's GREAT news. I can't wait to see the episodes.

  16. I was waiting for the official announcement! Congratulations to you my sweet friend...I was so excited for you as if you were my childhood friend that lives next door!
    You are a talented lady and you inspire me to continue to dream. You are absolutely right about the New Year. Im onto something myself next week and hoping it turns out as well as yours did. (i'll email you)
    David is absolutely the best Design Star and the most successful. There will be no other like him, such a lucky girl.
    I cant wait to see what else this year brings for you...whatever it is I know you will succeed. Ive learned many things from you and will continue to follow your success. Felicidades! xoxoxoxo
    Long comment I know but hey...Im from Jersey! We talk alot...

  17. Congratulations Lynda! Hard work and determination pays. I wish you all the success in the world. (Pebbles from rms)

  18. I'm so excited about this! Congratulations!!!

  19. Mazel! That is such a great story of setting goals, staying focused with a plan and achieving them! YOU ROCK sister!!!

  20. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the well wishes and taking the time to comment!!! It's been a wonderful learning & rediscovery experience... Yesterday I went on a fabric hunt, and traveled to some Miami areas I haven't seen in YEARS.... it was awesome. David & his team are also so full of energy!! LOVE IT! It is a little surreal... but I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn & observe the from one of the best!



  21. I've followed you from "Rate My Space"...reading your blog that you started after a work "challenge". Now, Color Splash!!! Girl, you inspire! A lot of persistent work and putting yourself out there, plus a large dose of talent. I guess I better get cable!

    I so enjoy your posts.



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