Hunting around for your next great find at a thrift store is just that - hunting. Not all items are neatly displayed into categories as they are in a department store. Sometimes you can spot an unexpected find in an unlikely place. Case in point: A set of gold designed drinking glasses I spotted on a TV wall unit while just looking around my local Goodwill.

The entire set wasn't even all pulled together. As I was counting how many there were, I felt I was two short. Hoping the set wasn't broken, I stood in place and started to scan the surrounding area for the hopeful missing glasses - DING DING - found one on a neighboring table and another over on a tabletop unit. Too many to risk carrying in my arms, I took a chance at leaving my new find on a shelf to go fetch a basket.

Ticket price: 24.99 - but it was Wacky Wednesday - so they were HALF OFF!
(for a gorgeous gold set of 20 glasses!)

As I was walking back towards my find, someone was looking at them. Thinking "uh-oh", I said a little prayer and thankfully the person walked away so I could scoop up my new gold find. The gold tones featured today's trends aren't the yellow brassy tones of the 80's - especially when you find gold on objects from the 60's. Although I can use them for a tablescape, it seems a shame to wait for the occasion of the table setting. So I've been using them with tea lights and flowers.

(gotta paint that fish white - he's too dark)

Just another way to look at everyday objects or
new thrifted finds from a different point of view.

What have you found lately through thrifting?


  1. What a great find! Those glasses look like you found them in an expensive modern boutique! I love how you used them. Very cool!

  2. So glad the person walked away and you were able to snag them. Love the idea of using them as tea lights, fabulous!

    New follower!


  3. Exquisite find, and I love how you used the glasses. Goodwill is gold here in Los Angeles. My fav find this year is a classic pair of beautiful Gucci shoes.

  4. I LOVE GW..those glasses are very pretty & so unique - and what a steal! My latest thrill find at GW was a sofa from the 50s.

  5. LOVE those glasses..the pattern is fabulous. As I was reading your post, I was thinking to myself that I would use them for tea lights, and as I kept reading, I saw that you did just that! They are way too pretty to drink out of!

  6. What a great find! You are a lucky girl

  7. How cool are those glasses! Oh, is that a new rug that I see? Love the design on it.

  8. These are really the business! I am so glad they walked away now you have a great set of unique glassware.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  9. I find lots at Goodwill too!
    These look fabulous in your gorgeous home!

  10. What a great find! And half price... holy cow!


  11. Ok it's official...I'm jealous!!!! Lynda you just gotta stop finding all of the good stuff..LOL
    (im joking).

    Ok so here's the deal I missed my flight this morning to Miami, but I'm taking a later one tonight....

    We just gotta meet up there!! We are in desperate need of some gold accessories for the Miami Condo.... Hmmm do you think entertainers like thrifts!!!


    Ps. I know we keep playing email tag lol maybe we can get it together :)

  12. Hey... We were on the same hunt today!
    I found the decanter at a local thrift shop :)
    Check it out on my post.
    I always love going with you to your thrift stores.
    You always spy the most awesome things!!
    I love the creative uses you found for your glasses.
    Just gorgeous!!!



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