From basic black - yes black - to touches of gold or food inspirations, here are 12 take-away tips I've recapped for you from my 'speed styling' Easter Tablescapes I did last week. I call it speed styling because these tablescapes were set in basically one afternoon, one after the other. The key is to not only have inspiration, but to have a vision and a plan, personalize it to make it you own, don't set boundaries - experiment, and put that plan to action.

Seek inspiration from food to fabric prints, from magazines to blogs
and even your closet to calendar images.

You still have two more weeks to plan and gather-up your goodies. Along with some other inspirational posts, I'll be sharing more photos of full set tables this week and next. For now, here are some tips (and some sneak peaks) of some ideas for your Easter tables.

(just like a dozen eggs!)

Tabletop Tip #1
Live plants and fresh fruit bring life to a table
Add texture with a lacy runner to give it movement.

Tabletop Tip #2

Spot items out of season - these baskets I picked up back in
January in the Micheal's Craft store $1 bins.

Tabletop Tip #3
Refresh everyday accessories from around the house with a new color
and use those items on your table.

Tabletop Tip #4
When you spot something in a store, look past its color right to its potential.
I spotted these metallic pink eggs at BigLots back in February.
Repurpose egg cartons to hold eggs while you paint - BUT - be sure to cover with foil.
If not, the acetone in the paint will EAT the Styrofoam.
(unless it's Design Master brand spray paint)

Tabletop Tip #5
Create a cohesive look of seasonal decor in your home onto
your table through a finish or color.

Tabletop Tip #6
For added interest, pick up some patterned plates while thrifting.
I found these Wedgwood plates (set of 6 @ $3.79) to layer into
my everyday white and mix with other thrifted white plates.

Tabletop Tip #7
Find your balance and mix it up to avoid a catalog look!

Not everything needs to be all thrifted.
(Found candle holders & dishes thrifting)
Not everything needs to be all from one store.
(Found place-matts at HG & cylinders at Dollar Store)
Not everything needs to be all bought on clearance.
(green grass found after Christmas clearance)
Not everything needs to be all homemade.
(Fabric focal point wall art)

Tabletop Tip #8
If you can't find what you're looking for, make your own.
I wanted some graphic patterned napkins, but could only find packs of 12 at HG. Too many for what I needed so Fabric Quarters (usually for quilting) are a GREAT and affordable alternative - especially when they're on sale for $1.38 each. Just roll edges and top stitch for a finished look.

Tabletop Tip #9
Colorblock candy: Separate mixed bags of candy for stronger color impact on your table-setting.

E-Scape Tip #10
There's nothing wrong with mixing in faux flowers.
It's more economical, they last longer, and you can reuse for other seasons, tables, or rooms. Watch for 50% off sales & add coupons to save even more (ex: at Micheal's)

Tabletop Tip #11
Use what you have in new ways or color combos.
Remove labels from wine bottles to give shimmer & height to your tablescape.
Give tables added color pop by using colored stemware.

Tabletop Tip # 12
Be aware of the inspiration that is all around you...
even in your refrigerator.

Take some time to experiment. You may find out an original plan won't work - it's too cluttered for your guests. You may even come up with something totally different and it could be just what you needed. Folding chairs aren't the only means of extra seating - although you could paint an old one in a new vibrant color, you may also spot some cool chairs for only $5 while thrifting. Benches can also work for unconventional seating or give your table a modern look. And as I had mentioned, also seek inspiration from your closet...

This Friday, I'll be launching a new blog series:
R O O M   F U S H I O N   F R I D A Y S

Fusing Your Wardrobe To Room Fashion.
(yes - Similar to From Runway To Room - but more realistic.)

So stop back by. And speaking of wardrobe, I've got to go pack now because I'm taking a spontaneous ESCAPE (a two day trip - I need the break) down to Key Largo with an old girlfriend of mine - Rebecca. Her dad has a house there, and she mentioned there are some unique thrift shops to check out too!

So if you don't see a post for two days... you know where I'll be (on an ESCAPE!)
and keep on following Focal Point!

Thank You!!



  1. Great Ideas! Beautiful tablescapes! Thank you for sharing.

    Rachel @


  2. Wonderful ideas and fabulous blog - I'm an enthusiastic new follower and can't wait to read more. Have a fabulous week!

  3. Wow and thanks for sharing your great ideas! I'll definitely be back!

  4. Thanks Rachel, Sally and Reading Girl!

    :D Lynda

  5. Wonderful ideas, Lynda! I am sooooo jealous of your Wedgewood plates!

  6. Thanks a lot, I love all your tips and ideas! Wow! I am going to start with eggs coloring and baskets. Thank you so much for sharing, so generous of you!
    Stunning table with your gorgeous Wedgewood plates! Love'em!

  7. Such wonderful and creative ideas. Everything looks fabulous. Thanks so much for the tips and also thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Wow! I feel like I just came across a treasure trove of information and ideas by seeing your blog for the first time! I am following you now and looking forward to seeing your tablescapes.

  9. I really like that gold egg wreath. Sculptural and whimsical.


  10. Thanks Pam, Miss Kitty, Fabby, Marty, and Kelly!

    Happy Easter!
    :D Lynda

  11. omg. so so helpful. So happy I found your blog. I'm a new follower, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over a month ago. It's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. Stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Would love your support. xoxo


  12. so many great ideas...wow...i would not have thought of some.

  13. Thanks for the tips. I'm struggling to come up with just the right table for Easter brunch, and I'm thinking these will help.

  14. Thanks Fash, Tam & lulu!! And thanks for stopping by!! xo

    :D Lynda

  15. Thanks for all the great tips!

  16. A bundle of valuable ideas. Thank you for all the tips. Cherry Kay

  17. What great tips! Love the patterned plates. This is such a pretty Easter look. Thanks for linking it up!



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