I've had this wreath - in chocolate & blue - for about 4 years now. This year, I updated it with some thrifty pink, green and white eggs to work with the garden on our front door. Instead of a traditional bow, I used two faux palm leaves. It works for Florida plus it relates also to "Palm Sunday" for Easter. I also made another wreath, which is hanging inside, I'll share later. For now, here is updating an old wreath...

Updated wreath this year on our front door.

Last year, on Easter, I brought it inside to the buffet.
It worked because last year the dining room was accented with turquoise.

This year, since I'm using pinks, greens, and gold - I added them to the wreath.
(That raffia wreath was a .50 cent find that I used to get my craft on - lol)

I found BAGS of eggs for $1 and some for .50 cents at Poverello Thrift. The multi-textured ones were $2 and after spraying them gold, they are the ones hanging on the blossoms & branches on the buffet.

I started by removing a few of the blue & chocolate eggs

Afterwards, I added in (with hot glue - ouch!!) some pink, green and white eggs.

I added back the blues and browns I originally removed, but it still needed a little something. A little more green to relate to the garden...

Last years wreath on the front door...

This years refreshed wreath on the front door.

Simple - and it also picks up on the two metal pink bunnies in the planters.

It will be EZ to remove and store after Easter... however, I don't think I'll be able to store it up in the attic since the eggs were hot glued... hmmmm. Unless I just take my chances and wrap it up tightly to hold the eggs in place.

I like the mix. When I first started it, just adding the pinks, it was looking too much like a baby shower wreath. Mixing in the greens and a few whites helped it say Easter (especially the chocolate!) It's simple and not over done.

Do you make or use a wreath on your door for Easter? for Spring?
or do you use something else?

Hoppy Spring!



  1. So cute. I just made another wreath last night.

  2. I love how you changed this wreath! It looks terrific! YES, I have a different wreath for every season/holiday! It never stops, LOL! XO, Pinky



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